11 Essential Steps Trump Must Do Now To Drain The Swamp & Make America Great Again

Since it is early September of 2017 at the time of this writing, the following must be done immediately:


  1. Close the Border Completely

Trump was too soft when he said to ban all Muslims from coming to America, he should have taken it further. America needs to stop all immigration! Shut the door completely, the illegal aliens already in the nation need to be accounted for. If you have a boat that holds twenty-five people and they’re fifty people waiting in line, what are you going to do? Well, you accept only the twenty-five who bought a ticket, correctly followed procedure, and arrived on time. For the others, you tell them that the boat can’t take any more people, because it’s at full capacity. Millions of undocumented immigrants have flooded America and it’s bankrupted the country. Crime is through the roof, because as Trump said himself, countries are sending their worst. This is not about race, it is national security. Yes, he’s done a fabulous job in stopping illegal immigration so far, but more is needed.

No more tourists and no more work or school visas, America can’t handle any more people. Why is it always America’s responsibility to take everyone who wants to come? Japan openly discriminates with their natives publicly displaying signs that they don’t want foreigners. Russia and Canada don’t have anchor baby loopholes, and even third world nations like Brazil and Mexico are very strict with whom they let in. Switzerland and New Zealand are virtually impossible to get into unless you’re a millionaire, and Australia openly says that you’ve got to prove that you can do what no Aussie can to gain entry for employment.

No other country on earth permits this kind of mass immigration like you see in America. If a person shouted racism elsewhere, they would be laughed at and thrown in prison, or shot. So why is it always America’s problem to accept anyone who wants to enter? The Pope, or as I call him, The Dope, told America that it needs to take care of immigrants, specifically refugees. Has he fed them fine Italian cuisine? No, but he kissed the feet of refugees. The Vatican accepts maybe ten immigrants every hundred years, so he is a hypocrite.

Americans need to be taken care of, not immigrants. We don’t need them, there is no population crisis or a lack of diversity, we’re the most diverse nation in the world. We have plenty of skilled professionals to fill all the positions available. Too many have already slipped through the cracks of extended work visas and tourism, manipulating America’s weak immigration laws to infiltrate the country and steal citizen benefits. It’s about time we built America back up rather than building foreign nations who hate us, yet happily take our jobs.


  1. Extreme Vetting using Profiling

Imagine a hundred years into the future, earth has contacted bald blue skinned aliens and through negotiations, they’re allowed to immigrant and live on earth. Now, let’s say the statistics of gold theft before the aliens came was 10%, but increased 400% afterwards, and 75% of all gold thefts were committed by bald blue skinned aliens. So, if you were in charge, how would you prevent this from happening, who would you target? Well, the bald blue skinned aliens of course, because the evidence points to them! That’s how to stop crime, with data not political correctness. Now the liberals will say it’s not the same thing and there’s no such evidence available, but no, there is. Nearly one third of federal prisoners are illegal immigrants. Get them out of the country once and for all.


  1. Take Out Kim Jong Un

Globalists want Trump to bomb North Korea, so they can push their world war agenda. If that happens, only innocent people will die, not Kim. He probably already has an underground bunker to flee to. Make it crystal clear to China that this man needs to go. He is their responsibility so China should take out Kim Jong Un for America, he’s their junkyard dog after all. He wouldn’t dare make such threats to the U.S. had he not received their blessings.

As ancient wisdom says, better to kill one whom you know will kill a thousand.


  1. Put America First

Stop trying to be world’s savior, we need to help ourselves first. It’s now other countries’ turn to fight terrorism. Be firm with other nations and make it clear that they must do their part and play more of an active role in solving global problems. Climate change and social engineering doesn’t count. Make them spend their money, no more wasted U.S. dollars.


  1. Outsource the War against Terrorism

Let other countries fight their own battles. No more losing American lives, it’s not America’s job to fight every war and Donald did an excellent job in making it clear that other countries need to be held accountable and pay their fair share not just on trade, but on the fight against ISIS. Israel needs to fight its own battles and Jordan has repeatedly asked for weapons to defeat ISIS, but Obama the joker refused, however Trump should honor their request and completely outsource the war against terrorism to allies in the Middle East. Other super powers need to be more proactive in fighting terrorism. They’re all getting rich while America exhausts its resources with an unstable economy. It’s time to pull out, and let others fight. Since outsourcing has become so popular in the west, it should work out nicely for everybody. They’ll make money, we’ll save money, and everybody wins.


  1. Break up Monopolies

Virtually all commercial transactions, whether online or brick and mortar, are controlled by a handful of companies. The economy is rigged, and a big part of the problem are these monopolies run by big multinational corporations who are in bed with corrupt bureaucrats.

Arrest those caught giving favors and demand the Silicone Men to pay the taxes they’ve been dodging by parking their money offshore. The same should be done with all universities who were caught doing it as well. Make them pay up, and press charges if they refuse. These mega rich companies owe billions in taxes and federal loans.

Limit the monopoly business laws, make it a fair playing field. Give other people a shot at starting a business by removing the bogus regulations that are designed to make the corporate giants richer and the sole proprietor poorer.


  1. Eliminate Unfair Taxes

Trump boasted about his tax reform yet it’s not shaping up to be as great as we expected. It may be somewhat better, but it’s not going to make a significant impact in people’s lives, because they’ve already been financially screwed by the damage done by Obama the joker. Jobs are not paying enough, expenses have gone up, and the standard of living has fallen in this country.


Here’s a better solution: dissolve IRS and implement a single post card filing system with the removal of income and property tax in America.

Why it’s necessary: no matter what is done, the rich will always dodge taxes thanks to loopholes in the system that their lawyers know how to exploit. The poor and middle class always suffers.


Internationally, more countries big and small are having astronomical economic growth simply because they offer very lucrative tax laws and cheap labor which lures in companies. This has led to the increase in outsourcing, building up other nations that never had an innovative culture like India. Other countries like China and the Philippines are seeing growth as well. During Obama’s presidency, America saw record numbers of its citizens renounce their citizenship. So, if you really want to stop businesses from banking offshore and reel them back in, you’ve got to provide a tax system that rivals, if not out performs competing countries where they’re moving to.


  1. Significantly Downsize Government

IRS, FDA, FTC, EPA, and many others are completely incompetent and unnecessary. They take bribes from special interest groups and they’re too restrictive for American citizens or businesses with their expensive fees. Even the FBI and CIA are corrupt as mainstream news has shown.

Replace them with new federal entities led by new hires who are loyal to the country, not political parties or corporations. Reduce government to one simple function – to protect the safety, rights, and freedoms of American citizens. Create a new Health & Agriculture Administration to ensure quality standards for food and medical treatment. Streamline the process for businesses, health care, and alike to get approved and launched. Don’t micromanage the lives of people.


  1. Uphold the Constitution and Make English the Official Language

One effective way to put a halt on corruption and get the ship back on course is to make English the official spoken language and protect Constitutional rights. That will cut the costs of providing materials in other dialects as well as give the power back to people while putting corrupt politicians in their place.


  1. Use the National Guard to Eradicate Domestic Terrorists

Bring the troops home. War is no longer affordable. We need troops protecting America’s borders, not beefing up our army for a battle they’ve never been able to win for over ten years. Let them protect the streets and airports, better that than being frisked by the TSA perverts, or relying on an incompetent police force that takes seventy minutes to stop a Las Vegas shooter.

The Middle East is no man’s land. Leave, let them run their own country. End this war, America has lost too many lives. Trump needs to focus on the terrorists at home rather than The Middle East. Black Lives Matter, La Raza, the ACLU, and now more recently, Antifa are criminal domestic terrorists. Some use violence, while others use deceitful tactics to legally destroy the country. Trump must put an end to these vermin now and put new leadership in the FBI, the CIA, and even in local police departments. Until that is secured, the National Guard is the only defense force left. Donald has the authority and must stop catering to special interest groups. America is far from becoming great again, and so stronger actions are needed now to win.


  1. Create the Nationalist’s Party

There is no democracy in America when you only have two political entities pretending to be opposites when in fact it is all just one big charade. The country needs a third political entity that represents the interests of the nation, and what better group than the Nationalist Party? The people demand its creation. This would also help Trump win the next election as well as give Americans a voice in politics.

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