21 Reasons Why College is the Biggest Scam in America!

When I was a kid, I used to tell my mom that I wanted to go back in time to find the guy who invented college so I could kick his a$$. Apparently, the jokers responsible for its creations were actually the conservatives, the republicans, the “traditional” people who wrap themselves around the flag, bash millennials, and complain about the student debt. These are the same hypocrites.

“A college education unfits rather than fits men to affairs.” –Andrew Carnegie, 1901

The promise of better living has turned out to be a lie as the younger generation are working harder for a lot less. They are told to be content with menial salaries even after sacrificing the better part of their prime years to learn junk information at universities. Despite taking on obscene amounts of debt, graduates are being offered bogus paying jobs, and this bubble of “I owe you” is waiting to burst. More and more young adults are growing increasingly frustrated realizing that they have been played.

College Degrees Don’t Mean Jack

If you can buy a black belt on eBay, does that mean you can fight?


If you buy a paper that says you’re a competent engineer (college degree), does that make you can invent things? For most graduates, the answer is a big fat no. Many idiots who dwell on the internet, spew this garbage about how you need to major in STEM, that anybody who is not doing well is so because they didn’t major in STEM as if where a guaranteed ticket to a higher paying job. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve met many graduates of electrical engineering tell me that they don’t know what they’re doing and I know one who went to one of the top engineering schools in the world only to quit grad school. Last I heard he’s living back with his mom watching anime.

1. Outsourcing Continues to Be a Problem

The government is trying to give foreigners in India the ability to take jobs that college graduates have.

2. The Pressure to Succeed has Made Kids Suicidal

1 in 5 kids are suicidal and 1 in 4 are suffering from some sort of mental condition. The pressure for excellence is driving students mad. If they get anything less than perfect, they turn to drugs, booze, and everything else.

3. Colleges use Students as Marketing Material to Lure in More Suckers

At schools, you can be filmed and/or photographed without your permission to be later used as promotional material to recruit more students. It happens at special events, job fairs, and move in day.

4. Schools Pay No Taxes

Yet they collect billions of dollars in endowments and in tuition fees. Plus they make money off of sporting events and alike.


You’ll end up with no friends when you graduate, because everyone goes their different ways.

College, the word, comes from the Latin word for a “collegiate body”, or a guild. You don’t need to blow 40k for that. With 4k, you can have a lot more fun than you’ll ever have in college at a week trip in South America, Europe, or Southern Asia. You’ll get laid, have fun, and actually enjoy your life instead of dreading it every day waking up early to attend some stupid BS lecture by an academic who’s never produced any product or service that anybody cared for nor wanted.

5. College is all about Regurgitation

Students are taught to become repeaters not thinkers. They are not told how to think and analyze, but rather indoctrinated to believe an ideology.

6. College is an Institution to Control How you Think and What you Know

Some people say that college benefited them. As a man with multiple degrees in various fields, I will also concur that I learned in school, BUT was it worth spending thousands of dollars?


Anybody can get the same education at the library or even by just studying on the internet. Even if you go to the top schools, there’s nothing special or different about going there, and you can get the same education by reading books, the internet, and by self-teaching.

7. Tradesmen are Making More Than College Graduates in many Cases

Millions of unfulfilled jobs exist in the trades such as welding, carpentry, and mechanical related professions, but kids are being pushed into college when they’d be much better off and happier at doing something that is better suited according to their skills and personality. A friend of mine has a master’s degree, yet is still not financial stable. He told me that his neighbor’s son was making $100/hr as a plumber so go figure.

What do you actually do at college? You give attention to ugly old f**ks who don’t deserve it. If it weren’t for the structure of college, you wouldn’t take a second look at them. The dormitory living is Big Brother control where you are randomly assigned housing with a roommate whom you wouldn’t be caught dead with. And best of all, you are paying for this horrendous experience!

8. Admissions Favor Specific Minorities

Blacks, Hispanics, and women are given special treatment while everyone else is subjected to higher standards. As you can see in the above photo, one of the first questions I was asked when applying to graduate school at Rutgers was whether I was Latino. What does that have to do with anything? The far left are so adamant about equality, how about eliminating gender and race from applications altogether then? Why even bother asking if these attributes do not have any effect on intellectual capability?

9. Millennial Graduates are having a Rough Time finding Good Paying Jobs

Look at the numbers and you’ll see that despite the “improvements” to the economy, millennials are still struggling. They can’t buy cars, homes, nor can they afford to get married. Their student debt continues to haunt well into middle age, and it just wasn’t worth it. Working multiple jobs yet still being unable to upgrade your living situation is not an indicator of success, but rather the opposite.

10. Costs Continue to Rise

Tuition isn’t going down, it’s actually increasing across the country. AND living on campus is pricey not to mention the other “fees” and miscellaneous expenses that come with it. While illegal immigrants get everything for free, American students are living foot in mouth.

11. AI Could Potentially Wipe out the Majority of Professionals

Automation is increasing and one engineer can do the work of many with technology these days. This trend is likely to continues and spread. Industries like medical, transportation, etc., won’t need as many professionals because more work can be done by one person, saving companies money while maximizing productivity. What are you going to do when there are no jobs available and you’re standing on the street with your little college degree?

12. If You Didn’t Rock in High School, Your Going to have a Hard Time in College

Statistics show that if you didn’t do well in high school, you’re not going to do well in college. It is fair game to say that you won’t even graduate in four years.

13. Professor Don’t Teach, They Preach

You’re being educated, but rather indoctrinated in socialist views. If you dare question them, you’ll get a bad letter grade.

14. Campuses are Ultra Liberal

Political correctness, social justice, and gay/transgender crap is on every campus. If you’re not a green environmental nut who denies global warming, you’ll be viewed as a nut who may need psychological therapy.

15. The Education is Pretty Bad

Compared to other nations, America is nothing special in terms of academic performance. Reading, writing, and math skills have fallen to disturbing levels in this country so you’ll be paying top dollar for sub par education.

16. Only Certain Majors have good Job Prospects

Engineering, medicine, finance, computer science, and accounting are the ones that have good salaries. The problem is, not everyone can do these difficult technical subjects. The reality is, males generally do better and there are clear differences in performance according to race.

17. Coursework  is getting Unnecessarily Tedious

College admin think that by dumping piles of online work, they’re making their curriculum more “rigorous”, kidding themselves that they’re taking action against the decline in education quality in America.

18. College is Essentially High School Part 2

Students are treated like children, especially those who live on campus. Expect fire drills, online anti-rape tests, and the usual don’t drink crap.

19. You Won’t Really Learn Anything

What do you hope to learn in an environment like this? Have you ever crammed for a test the night before only to forget it a week later. You may have done well on that exam, but if taken a week, a month, or a year later, do you think you would get the same grade? If not, what did you learn then?

When asked “What did you learn”, the common response from high school graduates is, “Nothing”.  Don’t be surprised if college students tell you the same.

20. The Costs Don’t Equate the Reward

For the money you’re paying to get that degree, the employment prospects don’t pay enough. It’s like buying a car that breaks down in a few years.

21. The Reality Does Not Fulfill the Promise

Get a college degree and you’ll make more money and be successful! Sorry, but that doesn’t compute. The numbers do not support that claim.


The reality is that if you had a rough time in high school, college will be a lot worse. You’re going to lose your sanity, health, and independence because you’ll be spending the next decade or longer trying to pay off that debt. The education you receive won’t help practically help you in the real world nor will your degree necessarily guarantee a good paying job.  So, think twice or thrice before you decide to embark on this journey because the outcome is likely to disappoint you.

Attending a local community college and driving to a smaller nearby university is a much more of an economic option then drowning yourself in debt to have “the college experience”.

For more tips on avoiding the common mistakes, read COLLEGE EXPOSED

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