6 Reasons Why You Should Leave Social Media

The online shopping experience is being manipulated so certain companies gain monopolies and unfair advantages. The EU just slapped Google with a multi-billion dollar fine for unfair promotions, and more recently fined them 2.4 billion euros. Twitter blocked Live Action, a pro-life group, for exposing Planned Parenthood for the baby executioners that they are. Lila Rose, the president of the group, said Twitter claimed it was ‘hate content’, but they let ISIS coordinate attacks. Twitter, Facebook, and alike even state that they are the ones who judge what is hate speech. It is crystal clear that social media is just another globalist tool to easily obtain people’s private info while they censor anything that counters the fascist agenda. Non-liberals are banned from posting content, promotions, or even connecting with friends as is the case with me. Even after uploading a clear head shot and providing accurate info, they still kicked me out for “suspicious activity”. This is classic Orwellian justice, an almighty elite deciding what is deemed acceptable and offensive. And it’s not just me, many others are being blocked too, both famous and infamous.


  1. Facebook Acts like the Government

Depending on where you live, this elitist machine will force you to give them all your personal and private details as if you were standing in line to renew your driver’s license. After sending them a clear head shot several times and still getting kicked out for the seventh time, I got tired of them asking me again, so I sent them a photo of Stone Cold Steve Austin flipping the bird.


Of course, they rejected it again, and requested another head shot, so I sent them a photo of the boogeyman smiling with his dinosaur like teeth.

After observing all the changes on social media platforms, and even Gmail for that matter, has strengthened my conclusion that it is not a good idea to be on Facebook, even if you have an online business. It’s much better to bring people to your website, not a Facebook page.


  1. It’s all an Illusion

No one is your friend there, it’s just living a fake cyber life, so learn to be alone. In life, if you have one friend you’re lucky, two or more, very lucky, more than three, well then to some you’re a god.


  1. Increases Your Risk of Depression

Social media makes you crazy as your mere existence becomes dependent on the approval or “likes” of others who are unimportant to begin with. A study was released that showed even moderate use can cause depression, and with Instagram, it gets even worse. Online bullying, attacks, threats, and hate are being spread at unprecedented levels.

Donald Trump may like social media, but he’d be better off having direct contact through a website of his own rather than depending on liberal owned Twitter. The facts are undeniable, Facebook and other social media, are linked to depression.


  1. Dangerous for Businesses & Creates a False Sense of Self Worth

Scroll through the profiles of college kids or even professionals and you’ll soon discover that most have some sort of self-image disorder. To have the need to mindlessly upload your life story to gain approval clearly shows a problem.

Unwilling to join, I decided to prove peers wrong about social media being good for business, and so signed up a while ago. As predicted, it did nothing for my business or personal life. The insane work put into marketing wasn’t worth it at all. Businesses blindly jump in thinking it will make their startup go viral, but the numbers prove otherwise. Social media is killing businesses and people by making them vulnerable to attacks.

Internet critic and marketing expert Dan Kennedy has commented that social media gives people an outlet to glorify themselves without having to achieve anything worth of such recognition, and that entrepreneurs need to be more cautious before exposing themselves.


  1. They’ll Arrest You for expressing your Views

A 50yr man in the U.K. was sentenced to 20 months for posting “offensive” content against Muslims on Facebook. The charge is so rare that they had to get the attorney general to approve it. As the popular song goes, there’s no England anymore. Facebook can fine you for liking what they disagree with as was the case with a Swiss man who was fined $4,000 for liking a controversial post.

Still, they allow terrorists to express how they wish to kill infidels and the president. That’s Mark Zuckerberg for you, another greedy, slimy, transhumanist who strives to learn Mandarin rather than Hebrew as he’s so ashamed of himself.


  1. No Privacy

 As the leaked Twitter videos reveal, social media corporations are spying on you, recording everything you say, share, or do in their interface. They want all of your info and plan to control how you communicate and relate to the world.


The Verdict on Social Media

They’re done, mark my words. Let “Suckerberg” think he’s untouchable, but he and other social media are finished. People are on to their Soviet style tactics and just like with Google, they’re going to pay billions for all the damage.

Go out and get some real friends. Instant messenger and forums don’t equate quality tactile contact. A former chemistry professor of mine never was on Facebook despite peer criticism, and he was right. He had no iPhone, no social media, nothing, but he had a respectable profession and his own close circle of friends. That’s all you need in life, not opening your arms to the digital world where everyone can exercise cyber guerilla warfare and hide behind a computer.


How to Beat the System

If you still want to go on Facebook or other social media and you face this similar problem of being disabled for “suspicious” activity, use Tor internet browser, or go to the library or your school’s computer lab, preferably one where you don’t need a login and create an account there. That works as it’s a different IP address. One other tactic a friend of mine found is after you create a profile, upload your pic, but upload another pic of someone else, and then share it publicly and tag yourself. This screws up their system of identifying you by photo. Tread softly on social media, it’s a swamp out there.

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