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Do you look at the world today and wonder, what the heck is going? Where is the justice, where is law and order, where is the bright future we were promised ages ago?

Are you sick and tired of living in a world without hope, spirit, or purpose?

Well, the good news is that you’re not the only one who thinks these thoughts.

Straightforward Voice is a blog that aims to share ideas and thoughts on news, culture, society, and any other topic it feels fit in a straightforward manner, hence the name Straightforward Voice. It is an independent platform that expresses its own views to promote free speech, individuality, and dialogue of how civilization can be improved.

The content features articles and podcasts of ranting and rambling on various things, consider it comical entertainment.

Straightforward Voice does not belong to any one political party nor supports any such entities, nor does it care for political correctness. It is not intended for anyone with thin skin.

While not affiliated with nor endorsed by such groups, Straightforward Voice incorporates different views to have dialogue and discussion of ideas. If you have opposing views and wish to comment, you may do so in civil manner using reason to present your position. Agitators will be removed an banned immediately with their IP addresses recorded to prevent them from further disruptions.

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About G.S Luthra, MBA, BFA, BA

Mr. Luthra is an artist and author who has contributed articles on Return of Kings and David Icke. He created The Straightforward Voice to counter the political correctness and free speech censorship plaguing cyberspace.

He has written books on fitness, politics, and education. During his free time, he likes swimming at the beach, exercising, creating art and reading.

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