Amazon Bans Roosh V’s Book Again, yet Continues Selling Dildos, Sex bots, and “Booty” Posters

Roosh  V, a popular author who writes about pickup techniques for men to hook up with women, has had his newest book, Game, banned on Amazon’s website for the second time. Previously, Roosh self published the book with Createspace, a subsidiary of Amazon, and all of a sudden the book got banned shortly after the it became the number one bestseller in its genre.

Calling them repeatedly, Roosh got nowhere with Creatspace customer service, so he took a vacation. Upon his return, Roosh managed to get his book back on Amazon by self publishing with another company. Shortly after his announcement, Roosh’s book, Game, became number one in the “gender studies” category, giving Roosh the title, “Professor of Gender Studies”. Orders were already placed, so it’s uncertain how Amazon will address those customers who purchased the book, but the good thing is Roosh’s book is still sold through other online retailers such as Barnes and Noble, BAM books, and alike. Time will tell whether the book gets banned there too.

Cody Wilson suffered the censorship of Amazon when his book was banned even though there are other books that detail how to build weapons at home. Amazon is making it clear that they are anti-free speech and want to control what you consume. It’s one thing that these books were banned, however it is hypocritical of Amazon to ban Roosh’s book, considering they sell the following on their website:


Dildos, vibrators, and other sex toys

Under Amazon’s sexual wellness section, these items are available for sale.

Child sex bots

You can buy love dolls that look disturbingly like children and when you scroll to the preview photos, you can see a picture of the doll’s bare backside. How they don’t get sued is a mystery.

“Booty” posters

You can get a booty calendar which features pics of all kinds of booty, but it doesn’t stop there. You can also can other visual content that is borderline pornographic.

Books on sex, rape, and manipulation

One of Stephen King’s novels has a rape scene. A book titled, How To Date like a Courtesan by Celeste Mgboli, apparently teaches women how to manipulate men for money, but still deemed okay by the almighty Amazon. 


All of these items have been and currently are still available on Amazon. Roosh’s book about helping men attract women is unacceptable, but somehow all of these other products slip through Amazon’s censorship team. It seems that as long as one stays under the radar, they’re fine, but as soon as they make it big, corporations like Amazon, are quick to squash anyone who they deem a threat. In other words, if your product is selling too good, Big Brother doesn’t like that. Roosh on his live feed said that there is a Jewish group that is still bitter about one of his previous published work, so they may be working behind the curtain to get back at him by using their connections to ban him.

Is Shadow Banning Next?

Twitter has been found to shadow ban users and it’s a pretty fair assumption that Facebook does the same. Before her shootout, former YouTube employee Nasim Aghdam, said that YouTube also controls who gets high number of views and can also manipulate their interface to promote others while preventing others to gain popularity. This has been described by others as well, and Google has also been caught rigging their search results to promote certain content while hiding others. This has confirmed when compared to other search engines.

Amazon however, has remained quiet from mainstream media but that’s not to say they aren’t up to no good. They could very well be participating in shadow banning as well, or some other form of censorship. When I published my book on politics, I had my title put on hold for copyright review. 

I have never had this before and when I called, the rep just said to wait. Thankfully, it went through, but it happened again for another book I published which is about physical fitness. It didn’t make sense since I was registered with Bowker and all my info was there, but since then, I too have always been a little suspicious and now it is clear that something funny is going on in the boardroom of Amazon. How far this censorship goes depends on how people respond. The best way would be to hit companies like Amazon where it hurts – their wallet. If people boycott them, it will force them to change. Until then, it’s still the giant squid of the internet capable of squirting its ink to blind you of seeing what they don’t want seen.

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