America Should Copy Denmark – Exile Foreign Criminals to Remote Islands

In Denmark, foreign criminals are banished to remote islands. Finally, a country that has its head right, at least in terms of dealing with foreign troublemakers. Why doesn’t The United States do the same, especially during a time of mass illegal immigration? Denmark officials are more masculine than the feminized US, and they are no longer tolerating acts of terrorism nor are they catering to diversity. They have seen what the Islamic invasion has done to their country and now they’ve had enough. To become a Danish citizen, Muslims must shake hands whether or not in conflicts with their beliefs. France is also catching on and Danish officials even declared that fasting Muslims are dangerous during Ramadan. Denmark is cleaning up the ghettos, banning face veils and forcing Muslims migrants to follow Danish law. This is something that America needs to mimic immediately, primarily on its Hispanic and Muslim population.

Letting these people come here and speak their own language in public has transformed America into a bilingual nation. There used to be a time where immigrants felt scared to speak their native dialect in public and would even be told to speak English if caught doing so, but that’s all changed. Chinese immigrants shamelessly speak their language and nobody does anything. They, like other immigrants, need to be told to either speak English in public or shut the f**k up. Unlike America, Denmark learns from incidences like the two Danish girls who were recently beheaded by ISIS in Morocco. Why they went there is another story, but Denmark has had enough. They see that unless stricter actions are taken, their own culture will be replaced by invaders. Just look at what has happened to the UK, Germany, and the US. The law must be enforced otherwise you end up with ghettos sprouting up everywhere instilling hatred and aggressiveness among the youth provoking them to become the menace of society. Gang memberships skyrockets when uneducated unskilled immigrants are allowed to flood the country and gain citizenship and it has gotten so bad that even the government cannot ignore it.

In America, the problem has become so bad that a third of federal prisoners are illegal immigrants and more companies have become bilingual making the English speaking American citizen feel like a second rate citizen. Crime, drug trade, and multiculturalism has turned America into a diversity soup where no one really knows what the country stands for anymore other than consumerism. Bringing all these foreign workers has created trouble within the government as corruption is normal in their homeland so they import their ways in America. FIlipina judge, Jessica Arong O’Brien of Chicago, was recently sentenced for fraud, and Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai appeared before Congress to address concerns over political bias in Google’s advertising products. Silicon Valley is home to companies who are the perpetrators using spy technologies and bias algorithms to censor free speech. The tech workers helping them do this are of foreign origins, primarily from India. As stated before, bringing in immigrants from such countries often result in increases in corruption as these employees don’t have the same values as in America.

So if America wants to put an end to its immigration problem, it should learn from Denmark and enforce harsher punishment for both domestic and foreign criminals.

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