America Should Import the Rape Laws from The Middle East

In the Middle East, if a girl wants to press charges against a man for rape, she needs five male witnesses to confirm her claim. Only then will it be filed and considered in a court of law in the Middle East. America needs to adopt that.¬†While that may be unfair to women in that area, if brought to the states, it would be a wonderful remedy to all of these false rape charges that are ruining men’s lives. Since these moronic socialist democrats want to bring Sharia law here in the good ole USA, let them start with the rape laws. American women are so dame spoiled that ushering this system will fix them once and for all.

Western women have been playing men like fools for long enough, and it’s about time they got what they deserved. There needs to be more accountability and consequences for initiating such a claim. If a woman is found guilty to have made up the case, then she should be required to pay a fine for false charges and a large percentage should be given, if not all, to the man being persecuted to cover for the social damages to his reputation.

America is at the point that if you accidentally bump into a woman, she could scold you for pursuing her and she’ll have a brigade of white knight soy boys who’ll come running to her aid, hoping that their chivalry will be rewarded with sex. So reformation needs to be implemented regarding false rape accusations and The Middle East has the best workable solution that has been proven in their land. If executed here in America, it would help correct the false rape problem in society in the following ways –

  • Will automatically discourage slutty behavior
  • Girls will be forced to become more responsible, something greatly lacking in western women these days
  • Women will stop dressing like cheap prostitutes
  • Girls will cut binge drinking and will avoid nightclubs and jogging at later hours
  • Men will stop putting women up on a pedestal
  • Success men won’t have to worry about silly false rape charges that occurred decades ago with someone they don’t even remember
  • Society will become more sane

This is why this needs to be done immediately. Additionally, there must be limits on how long back you can claim rape. If you hooked up in high school or college, you can’t just suddenly decide it was rape twenty years later just because you feel like it. I am saying this now, but I doubt society will listen. In fact, I can almost guarantee you that they won’t. So, do you know what will happen next? Men will be scared to even shake hands with a woman. And then it will get so bad, that the only way to remedy the upcoming predicament will be…dare I say it –

Legalize Rape Under **Certain Situations**

Under certain circumstances, a man should be immune from being charged with rape such as within marriage or when a woman is in his home. His wife should not be able to charge rape against her husband, especially when divorce is available as an expedited service in America. Since the progressive liberals love praising the Muslim world so much and want to adapt their ways, why not start with how they handle rape? Desperate times call for desperate measures and importing the rape laws from The Middle East is enough…for now. However if things continue to go as they are now, then the extreme will be to fully legalize rape so both men and women can be saved. Eliminate rape as a crime. Erase it from the legal books, and leave up to nature, the law of the jungle. That will be the only way to fix the f**ked up future if this false rape nonsense continues to grow without anything done about it. The accusations will get worse and so bad, that the only way to stop this beast of deception, is to remove it as an act of crime.

We are not ants, we are human beings. We are not designed to serve the queen, but the way society is running these days, it’s hard to distinguish bug from human when you see how foolish guys are killing themselves working all day to fatten up women and pay for all their expenses. And whenever a woman despises a man for whatever reason, she has the power to destroy him by wielding the law of the land with her fingers, backed by an army of bloodsucking weasel lawyers and special interest political parties. Rape may have to eventually be legalized in private residence because right now, it’s big business, and a very profitable one at that.

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