California Scientists Find Micro Plastics in ALL Ocean Animals in New Study

Sampling marine animals from the supposedly pristine waters of Monterey Bay, California, scientists at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute found unusually high amounts of plastic concentrations in all of the sampled aquatic specifies. According to the research, the plastic microbes extend far down into deep waters and have already entered the bodies of small sea creatures. These animals end up being eaten by bigger predators such as tuna which then ends up being consumed by human beings. Scientists concluded in the study that the plastic debris, “extends much further and more extensively into the waters, sediments, and animal communities of the deep sea.”

Professor Anela Choy confirmed that the microplastics were found in “every sampling and specimen” that they studied. The bad news continues as Choy explained that the plastics are being transported through water columns by small filter-feeding ocean animals such as red crabs and larvaceans. This sends the material into deeper waters and where new animals become exposed. As Johnathan Hunt reported from Malibu, California on Fox News, the problem is more widespread than what scientists had originally believed. These plastic particles are being consumed by sea animals which are ending up on people’s dinner plates. Professor Choy said,

It was surprising that there was just as much plastic found at the deepest depths we sampled as there was on the very surface of the ocean.

Incidences like the washed up pregnant dead whale containing 13 pounds of plastic in its belly confirm that global concern regarding plastic contaminating our oceans is now a scientifically confirmed reality. Fox News asked a scientist about solutions to this issue and he responded that the phenomena of plastics didn’t start until after the 1940s, so the solution is learn from the past and become less dependent on this material. We did just fine without plastic, so if it has already been done before it can be done again today. However it’s become more than just an integrated part of our society than most realize. Consider how many things contain or utilize plastic:

  • water bottles
  • meats wrapped in plastic
  • foods such as beans, even organic beans
  • nearly every consumer good you purchase from DVDs to supplement bottles
  • and then some

The list can be daunting to look at, and it could soon be having a significant impact on our economy that could cost trillions according to scientists. Nearly every product today is either packaged in plastic or contains plastic components. However, this substance could be transformed according to Peter Christensen, a postdoctoral researcher at Berkeley Lab’s Molecular Foundry, who stated,

Most plastics were never made to be recycled. But we have discovered a new way to assemble plastics that takes recycling into consideration from a molecular perspective.

Media reported that the response to going to be partnerships between you guessed it, government, corporations, and scientists.

My Issue with the Government and Corporate Involvement

This looks like another example of what David Icke referred to as Problem-Reaction-Solution. We have to keep in mind that this is being reported by mainstream news who are all part of the spider’s web and thus controlled. You are only being shown what the establishment wants you to see. The reaction you have probably gotten from reading this is shock, concern, and ultimately fear for your health..exactly what “they” want. And what is “their” solution? Government, corporations, and scientists working together. Well it sounds nice, but what does that actually mean, what will they actually do?

Remember, the issue of plastic infecting every body of water on this planet has been brought up repeatedly several times. Just a year ago, a study conducted by marine scientists at NUI Galway, and found that 73% of deep water fish had ingested plastic from the Northwest Atlantic Ocean. Scientists surveyed 233 deep water fish to arrive at this finding. Another study at the Loggerhead MarineLife Center in Florida, found microplastics in the guts of sea turtles. It begs the question, if all this evidence was presented previously, why didn’t the government do anything back then? Now with this alliance between government and corporations, it raises concern because although the cause is being reported as being noble, there most likely lies a much bigger hidden agenda – control. That is, more centralize power being masked behind the narrative of “Oh, we must save the animals and our oceans!”

A Solution or Coalition?

Those responsible for creating this problem should pay for the clean up and be held accountable such as Exxon Mobile, who according to Polymer database, has profited $290 billion in global sales. Of course, the regulars like Coca Cola and Nestle are also big contributors. So, if you see a more centralized control unit emerge to combat this problem, composed of the very same bureaucrats and corporations who created the problem in the first place, it’s fair game to say it’s a ploy for more power.

Wild caught salmon may no longer be as healthy as it used to be. So be careful about what you put on your plate and even with taking nutritional supplements that have sea derivatives, because they just might contain plastic.

“Hey Honey, what’s for dinner tonight?”

“Plastic coasted salmon Sweety, bon appetit!”

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