California Wildfires Spikes Homeless Population to Record Levels

The CA wildfires have increased the homeless population so high that it deserves a new demographic in the state.  People who never have been homeless before who were financially stable, are now finding themselves rubbing shoulders with the state’s already homeless population. The death toll continues to rise and still hundreds of people have yet to be accounted for. More than 18,000 structures have been destroyed as the fires affected both the northern and southern parts of the state. Over 150,000 acres was scorched. Popular areas like Malibu, and the Los Angeles and Ventura counties were affected. U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, declared a public health emergency in California as two hospitals and eight other facilities were evacuated for safety.

Even celebrities weren’t spared as Miley Cyrus, Orlando Bloom, and even the Kardashians had to evacuate their multi-million dollar estates. The difference of course was that these celebrities had the capital to move to safer places while the rest of the population are stuck today in the rut waiting in line to get a bowl of soup with the other homeless bums. I had warned about the government not being there for you before in previous writings, giving hurricanes Sandy in New Jersey and Katrina in Texas  as examples that proved that it’s every man for himself during times of crisis. All presidents do is make one quick flight trip, give a dumb speech, and then leave to shake hands with some crackpot politician at a luxury suite. In other words, they do nothing. They never effectively address the situation. State governments are not held liable and it’s always the law abiding citizen who suffers.

Never depend on government, it’s not there for you. When times get rough, don’t expect them to take care of you. Most have forgotten or are just too young to remember what it was like during the last Great Depression in America, so let me rekindle your memory. The American economy collapsed wiping out investors and sent Wall Street into panic mode. This lasted in the 1930s during the industrialized world for a decade. Men who used to have good jobs or even businesses, were now selling apples on the street. A loaf of bread costed around $50, and lines of homeless people arrived at shelters for food. It was a terrible sight to see, but here’s the thing – where was the government? Answer – absent. The president didn’t do anything, and the rich continued to get richer by profiting off of the situation.

While millions are still recovering from the after math of the California wild fires, Katrina, and even Sandy, the federal government nor the state does nothing. If they cared so much, they wouldn’t have wasted all the time, money, and resources spent for the funeral of a corrupt former president George H.W. Bush who brought more war, more government, and less freedom for the country just like his predecessors and successors. People don’t understand that another collapse can happen too, and it will be much worse because people are not ready for it and it’s a different culture. It’s more diverse, more spoiled, and more entitled. Street riots, fights, theft, rape, and other crime are likely to sky rocket should another one occurs, and if there’s anything you can learn from the previous depression, it’s that if another Depression happens, it will last for at least a decade.

Corrupt politicians and billionaires want that to happen and according to some sources, it is part of an elaborate plan to create a world depression. This will cause mass panic, giving the government the perfect excuse to exercise more military control in the name of protection, thus stripping people of their freedoms. Many think this is hokey pokey, but if you look at the socioeconomic structure today, it is similar to the scenario that led to the last Depression. Instead of an industrialized world, today we have a digitized world filled with false promises  from trans-humanists, corporations, and of course the president. Society was promised higher standard of living and shorter work days, but the exact opposite has happened and with the global economy increasingly becoming more competitive, many countries are codependent on each other. If something bad were to happen in one, the ripple effect will affect others, specifically the middle class. The rich will laugh, but everyone else will shed tears.

Whatever happens just remember, liars and thieves are running the world so take whatever you see in the media with a grain of salt.

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