Climate Change is a Scam

The Pope, whom I refer to as The Dope, is a globalist stooge who lectured the world on the environment yet has not spent a dime of the Vatican’s wealth to buy green technology. While studying genetics at college, my longhaired professor told us that if, we had any doubts on whether climate change was real, to look at the sea levels. Well, that doesn’t prove anything, and the fact is the data is rigged.

Long before humankind’s industrialization, the earth and other planets have gone through periods of drastic weather changes mainly due to sunspot activity. This is a fact that any anthropologist, geologist, and astronomer will know. Global warming is a lie designed to give the government more control, and of course, to help their billionaire tech buddies who have invested in hybrid alternative “green” technologies.

NASA found over a decade ago that the ice caps on Mars were melting and that it was due to the sun, not because of soccer moms driving SUVs. If you’re still a hardcore believer, checkout the Vostok ice sample study, which proved after analyzing the data from the past 400,000 years, global climate change is not solely man made. Save your money and your sanity, whacko scientists have been warning about global warming for over fifty years, yet still nothing has happened.

That is why I’m very wary of the scientific community, because scientists are arrogant and change their views frequently, especially when new developments are made. Whenever you hear one claim something as fact, it is not, it is merely what they can perceive with their current technology. They will never say that though, because most of them are desperately trying to prove that they are the smartest among all. 

Mathematicians are lazy, lack exercise, and think the entire universe revolves around numbers. They view chaos as a sin that needs to be organized by them, so I would advise to be cautious of any claims made by biologists, physicists, chemists, mathematicians, or engineers who don’t present definitive peer reviewed concrete evidence. They are the most arrogant group of people I have ever met, and quiet surprisingly, many of them are not that smart. They may be good at doing routine lab work and test problems on a piece of paper, but beyond that they have very limited minds, because they have never experienced the real world. Such people cannot be trusted.

There are two kinds of scientists – those who become great, and those who seek attention through stunts like global warming to prove their worth. Other failed quacks like to give lectures where they try to sway you into believing in a scientific oligarchy where they would reign supreme. They will criticize greats like J.D. Watson, yet will sing the glories of transhumanism. Such scientists are dangerous, and a world run by them will be a very disturbing place. It is already happening, as the tech giants of today have hijacked the entire social and economic structure in human society. Humanity also needs to cultivate the spirit. Technology is not a god, but a mere tool to achieve comfort and efficiency, nothing more, nothing less.

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