Politicians are Useless, Get Rid of Them

Politicians are the real plague of society. They contribute absolutely nothing to civilization, yet steal from the people through tax payer dollars. Their existence depends on the hard work of others. In other words, they feed off of fruits of labor from others. There is another organism that has the same method of survival – a parasite.

These worms in suits and skirts appear in flashy attire with fake smiles and powdered cheeks. They tell the people everything they want to hear, but always fail to deliver. Still, people keep voting and voting for this political party, and that political party hoping for change, but nothing ever happens. However, people keep believing in the corrupt system…why?

The world would be a much better place if there were no politicians, it would be a much safer place, it would be a much happier place, and it would be a less complicated place. Religious politicians are all fake, because all religions depict heaven as a spiritual place where there are no corrupt politicians, period. So claiming to be doing “God’s will” under the guise of political action is hypocritical. The way I see it, being a politician is a sin.

If we threw politicians out of office and replaced them with technology, we would experience the following benefits:

More money in people’s pockets costs would plummet because we wouldn’t have to pay for the ridiculous government programs and salaries of bureaucrats who do absolutely nothing. Mayors for example, don’t do anything other than showing up for ceremonies and ribbon cutting. Their job is meaningless and unnecessary. They can easily be replaced by a computer or a robot. People can keep their money by not paying silly taxes.

We can eliminate judges and lawyers – attorneys and hammer slammers are claimed to be the “people’s politicians”, but they are really just puppets who push an agenda of control. Favoring is common and it is an unjust practice where people’s lives are placed under the power of one old slimy judge or ruined by a weasel lawyer. Getting rid of them and replacing with an automated law system would make it a fair playing field for citizens.

We would have a fair political system – people can voice their opinion and caste their vote instantly anytime, anywhere and this can be evaluated by computers. Robots instead of being used to control should be used to enforce the law that people vote for. Machines won’t make mistakes and if there is something that people don’t like, they can submit their complaints and the computer will review it. The robots can then make changes quickly and you’ll only need a very small of personal in the government to operate it. You would have smart people running the country, not useless imbeciles with no skill or brains. Many people fear of a world dominated by engineers in the future. Well, that is much better than a world run by politicians. Scientists, not trans-humanists, would do a better job.

World war would be eliminated – battles between super powers occur due to the big fat loud mouths of politicians. They are driven by greed and give long boring speeches to convince you that they need your money to fund this government project or that cause in the name of patriotism, but the truth is they just want to make their mark in history. Take Trump for example. He already had everything – money, women, power, but it wasn’t enough. He wanted more, and now he is pushing the global agenda for control. Wars are started due to power hungry politicians who keep barking at each other until somebody fires a shot.

As you can see, banning politicians off this earth forever will yield several benefits. It must be done soon. That is the right thing to do, that is the moral thing to do, that is without a doubt, the spiritual thing to do. Something needs to change because the abuse of the environment is going to have dire consequences. Some believe nature has an answer to the “human cancer” called politicians – it creates natural disaster. These people view it as a cleansing while others say it’s punishment for looting the planet. However, clever bureaucrats have their hidden bunkers that they can run off to.

We need a new method of running the world, because at this present state, the structure is bound to collapse.

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