Don’t be a Clown Man

A clown man is someone who women go to for laughs. In other words, their existence is to amuse them. Running around spitting out cheesy pickup lines, weasel phrases, or even just compliments doesn’t do you any good because girls are so spoiled today, and more importantly, they’re already used to the attention. Just because you mustered up enough courage to talk to her doesn’t mean she’s going to care. Those days are long gone. Yes, it shows you have guts, but that means nothing today, and will actually go against you. She will always see you as free entertainment, a temporary amusement, and then be done with you. Getting her number means nothing either, that’s why I don’t advocate watching this YouTube videos of guts getting phone numbers from girls. What they don’t tell you is they can give it to you, but it doesn’t mean they’ll respond to your calls. Getting girls’ number is a game for boys.

Clown men are the go to guys for women who seek ego gratification. These clowns pay them funny compliments and perform other theatrical performances that revolve around how beautiful she is. All this does is spoils her, and shows how desperate the clown man is to have sex with her. Such behavior dangerously boosts the girl’s image of herself, giving her an over estimated opinion of her self worth, erroneously much higher than what she actually is. Making a girl feel beautiful whom is not already committed to you is dangerous. Clown men are not respected by other men. As previously stated, they are viewed as a jester who’s purpose is to entertain. I know this because I used to make this mistake. I did it to entertain, while for others I did it to boost their mood when they were down. A few I did to compliment them, but doing this behavior puts others whether male or female above you and you caste yourself down to a lower class.

Sometimes it’s okay to joke around and make someone feel better through humor and silly antics. However don’t make it a habit. A nobody comedian among a small social circle only has one purpose – to make others laugh. If you want to be taken seriously, if you want to be treated with respect, avoid being a clown man.

Straighten out your act. Don’t be a clown man!

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