False Rape is Nothing But Rigged Character Assassination

It is no longer safe for a man to date a woman, or at least breakup with one, because now she has the law of the land on her side to persecute him whether it’s 10, 30, 50, or a 1000 years later. There’s no limit, and whenever a man does well for himself and excels professionally, he is haunted from his past as charges are slammed on him for rape. This is all part of the political machine to eliminate anyone who threatens the status quo, to anyone who is deemed a threat to the deep state.

Cody Wilson was arrested for allegedly with raping an under aged girl he met on the Sugar Baby website. Don’t they verify their users? It’s more likely than not that this “minor” is an adult who was paid off to create this charade. Kavanaugh is another, and when you have a corrupt old bag like Diane Feinstein in such a powerful position taking the side of the accusers, the jungle is becoming more dangerous for men. Parents are now scared that if their son breaks up with his girlfriend now, he might get sued for rape thirty years later and have his professional career destroyed. On the flip side, if their daughter really does get raped, people won’t take her seriously and blow it off as just another false rape. It’s just like the boy and wolf.

Since that story has probably been erased from American education, let me give you a quick gist of the story – there was once a boy who liked to play the same trick on a group of hardworking men. What this boy did was while he was sent to fetch wood, he would scream “Wolf!” “Wolf!” and the other men would come running to his amusement. After a couple times, the men grew tired of his pranks, but when the boy finally met a real wolf, the men ignored his calls  for help thinking that it was just another joke. When the boy never returned, they suspected something was up and so went to look for the boy only to find a well fed wolf.

This is what most people think now when they hear about a man being charged with rape and this is dangerous. If everyone thinks that every rape charge is false, then that means it’s open season for rapists. It is hurting both men and women, and in the end all political parties will suffer.

Men Need to be Careful 

It has reached a point that all men are advised to get a written contract signed by whomever he enters a relationship with to confirm that it is consensual. Audio and video recordings of intimate sessions should be done just for good measure. You can never be too safe these days in America with every rotten weasel lawyer in America locked in the sprint position ready to zoom to the courts for another multi-million dollar lawsuit based on lies. It has come to that point now in human society that a man and woman need to declare their time together as consensual in order to prevent future lawsuits, especially for the man.

The snakes who rule the world have always had the plan to destroy the family and we have seen subsequent degenerate actions taking – the rise of homosexuality, transgenderism, mass expansion of cities, the rat race culture, pushing women to become career minded, promoting promiscuity, higher cost of living due to inflation, and now this false rape nonsense. It is all part of the scheme to prevent marriage, to stop people from having a family, and to make people turn on each other. 

Normal girls wouldn’t think of doing such a thing to a man, but now they have been brainwashed by their smartphones to think that they are the victim with the media. The deep state is twisting people’s mind, men particularly, scaring them from pursuing women by bombarding them with examples of famous powerful men falling to their knees from false rape charges. Men today are afraid of having relationships, because they don’t want to screw up and lose everything they have worked so hard for in life.

Women have degenerated thanks to this destructive political machine, and it has also affected men, however if this keeps up, it will only make men more cold, more vicious, more self-centered, and more cruel to women having no emotion or sympathy because society is programming them to think that all women want to falsely accuse them of rape just so they can steal their money.

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