Free College in New Jersey is Going to Bankrupt the State just like California

New Jersey is going to become the next California – it’s got great sunny weather in the summer, fall, and spring months, and has attractions that lure in tourists every year. Its economy was OK despite the collapse and so it still attracts tourists during warm months. It’s got the unique convenience of having beaches, casinos, and modern living all within driving distance. However, now with Phil Murphy’s goal of turning it into a sanctuary state, you will see it become another s**t-hole dump where homeless bums, drug addicts, and criminals stain the streets. One of the big contributors to this fall, is the recent change passed where community colleges in the state will now offer 100% free tuition to qualifying students in 2019. Students were shocked when I told them about, one jumping up screaming “Free College, Yeah!”, and although I’ am very happy for them as I have stated before that students are being hammered with unrealistic expectations by snotty baby boomers to work and pay for the ridiculously expensive college frees on their own.

Still, despite the good news for students, covering their expenses is liable to jeopardize the state financially because nothing in the world is free. Providing anything for “free”, always comes at a price.

It is Incredibly Easy to Quality for Free Tuition

As stated from the Atlantic Cape Community college website, anybody qualifies if they meet the following:

The Community College Opportunity Grant is for eligible students with an adjusted gross income of $45,000 or less who takes six or more credits and have applied for federal and state grant aid. This program will cover the remainder of their balance of tuition and educational fees starting for the Spring 2019 semester. If you are a returning student, you currently must meet minimum standards for academic performance and academic progress. To find more information on eligibility, please visit New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority.

You can read more about the details on the school’s website, or any other NJ community college website for that matter.

This grant allows students to supplement any additional financial aid they receive to cover all of their tuition and educational fees with the goal of having zero dollars in debt. To find more information on which fees are eligible, please visit New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority’s list of Approved Fees.

If you investigate further on their website, it quickly becomes clear that basically anybody and qualify, whether they’re a legal resident or not. Murphy made a statement about his vision to turn the Garden State into a sanctuary state. Well, it looks like he just may have done just that with free community college. Don’t be surprised to see Rutgers and other state universities to offer the same or similar benefit to immigrants and minorities. Then, New Jersey will truly become what many have been saying for several years – a Garbage State.

Illegal Immigration

You will see more illegal immigrants from Hispanic, Arabic, and African countries are flooding the state for free college in addition to the plethora of free benefits the governor is so determined to provide them with. People will be infiltrating here just to get all the free goodies. The result of this diversity is already leading to –

Increase in Diseases

Poor medical standards at a hospital may have exposed 3,000 patients to HIV  and hepatitis. Just like in California, the medical industry is crippling in Jersey due to poor protocol, unqualified personal, AND influx of illegal immigrants. They are carrying diseases without being quarantined and the doctors today are not the same professionals they used to be. 

More Slackers

There will be more old deadbeats and uneducated bums returning to college causing a spike in enrollment and it’s all going to be paid for by you, the taxpayer. NJ residents are going to pay for this dearly. The country has already seen an increase in older students going back to school so free college will further contribute to this trend.

Weakened Economy

Stroll through the streets of Atlantic City, New Brunswick, Newark, or Jersey City, and you will quickly see how “good” the economy is in the state. Homelessness is a big problem in these cities and the state doesn’t seem to care. I’ve seen a bum sleep inside a pizzeria during broad daylight in New Brunswick, not too mention they’re all over the streets. Atlantic City as a friend said to me, is a stain on the state which I agree. Prostitution, drugs, and filth is everywhere. Camden as I’ve heard is full of patients at their hospitals as the crime is atrocious.

Despite all the money being spent to help minorities and stimulate the economy, the situation doesn’t seem to be improving so the inevitable result is what you see in San Francisco. More jobs are being outsourced and businesses both small and large, are hired illegal immigrants. Go to any restaurant, and you’ll find that Hispanics compose a significant number of their staff. It’s out of control and it’s going to bankrupt the state.

Higher Crime Rate

Bringing in more unskilled immigrants always leads to more violence. With Camden, AC, and other cities already being a big expense for the state, this surge is going to cost the government, ultimately its citizens, a lot more than it can handle. 

Reduced Tourism

Who wants to go to California these days? Not many compared to a decade ago. The same applies to Jersey. People who do go quickly find out that it’s a s**t-hole state. I had a friend visit not too long ago in AC and we toured the boardwalk, beaches, and casinos. Overall, he and I were disappointed as the reality doesn’t live up to the hype.

More Natives Moving out

Californians have left their home state to Texas and other greener pastures as the high taxed bankrupt state offered no reason to stay. Ask any Jersey native and most will tell you that they hate living in the state and would much rather go elsewhere. Once they get that ability in due time, expect to see many leave the Jersey Shore for better beaches.


Do Your Homework Before You Visit

If you do intend to take a trip to Jersey, it’s suggested you know where to go and where to avoid. Many places like Atlantic City are over hyped while better options are not even mentioned. The state does offer other things beside booze and gambling like parks, natural scenery, mountain hikes trails, and yes, beaches that are clean. There are also many diverse groups and one part of the state can feel like alien compared to another, just take a look at North vs South Jersey and you’ll quickly see why. 

The good news there’s something for pretty much every personality from redneck hick, the pot smoking hippie, Jersey seems to have it all packed into one tiny state, for better or worse. It’s no surprise to see that New Jersey is number on on the list of states where people are moving out. The state offers little to natives other than stress and high taxes, in fact arguably the highest in the country. It is the worst state to start a business and the reasons keep piling up on why residents should pack up their bags and leave. The trend going on these days is people from Philly, NY, and other surrounding states, are commuting to work in Jersey where they make higher salaries compared to their home state, and go back home. After saving up for a while, they ditch the state and take all that money home. This year you will see Jersey plummet to a new record low, and it won’t be surprising to see more residents fleeing from this s**thole, I may be one of them!

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