G.S. Luthra Reveals How to Gain Muscle Mass Without A Gym on The Old Man Orange Podcast

Spencer Scott Holmes talks with author G.S. Luthra about his streamlined and dialed in calisthenics fitness book, Muscle Mass Without A Gym. We go down the rabbit hole of workouts, fitness lifestyles, exercises based of your Dosha, diets and strength.

Later on, we talk about business, freelancing, a future with robots running the world, Virtual Reality creating a real Matrix, cryptocurrencies, DC movies and cartoons. It’s a lot of fun and good times. So come on by and have a listen.

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Mr. Luthra, MBA, BFA, BA, BS, is an author and artist. He created The Straightforward Voice in 2018. For more info about him and his books, visit gslcreations.com

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