“Game” is for Amateurs

Game is a stupid waste of time and money and it just doesn’t work, especially in this day and age where girls can easily swipe through an endless array of guys on their phone and have access to thousands more at their fingertips. Most pretty girls you see have already had a plethora of males who have tried to win their hearts and/or get them into bed so you are not anything special by trying out some routine you learned from some “dating expert” whom you paid $400, schmuck! Save your money and if you bought any of these books or courses or heaven forbid, attended any of these dumb seminars, demand a refund. These do not work, unless the girl is a complete moron. Most girls will intuitively sense what you’re up to even if she appears to interested. It’s all an act, they do it everyday at their job. Pretending to be nice is second nature to them. A truly good girl who is worthy of marriage WILL NOT BE SEDUCED by a player or some low quality inferior man who tries to pick her up on the street.

Approaching women on the street randomly shows your are desperate and inferior and women instinctively know that even if they actually like you. Learning game is going to disappoint you, and the reality of the results are being distorted by those who sell you books and courses. Here is what Ozz Kuragin wrote on the site, Return of Kings – 

In 2017 I did over 1,000 approaches and got no successes at all. None.

I normally don’t care about comments, but Santiago D’Anconia hit it on the money – 

What a fucking waste of time. Build a buisness. Lift heavy fucking weights. Go on adventures, i.e. own a motorcycle, scuba dive, start a semi-automatic gun collection.
Post all of it on Instagram, Snapchat, facebook.
Watch as the girls hit you up because you are a real life Tony Stark.

Or be like Krauser. A bald,broke pot-bellied man who has stayed on multiple instances that day game is for ugly men, it was something that he had to do Psychological because he needed young right pussy and he couldn’t get it in a club. He has also stated in his podcast that his thoughts after busting a nut in 18 year old Ukraine girls is: “Your life is shit Nick.” Don’t be like Krauser,Don’t be a day game. DAY GAME IS TRASH GAME FOR THIRD TIER MEN.

Do: Make Money, Purse Interesting Hobbies, Build a Social Circle that will feed you high quality women.

Game is Retarded and Doesn’t Work

It is the result of a feminized culture. Real men don’t have time to waste playing games and are straightforward. The people I’ve seen do it were ugly and too lazy to take care of their physical appearance. They were fat or skinny and had unattractive personalities. This fake persona they use for sex creates artificial personalities which carries over to other parts of their life hurting them in the long run.

Spending hours a day learning this crap is subconsciously putting women on a pedestal. Bruce Lee said the best way is no way, likewise the best game is no game. A man who needs women to validate his existence is no man at all. Deception and all these other tactics turns you into a liar, a fraud, and that will lead you nowhere.

The player is another word for an amateur.

Have some class, dignity, and self respect. Become high quality, become a success. Then you can still get all the women you want without degrading yourself, and you’ll become a Don Juan, not a player. And if you can still achieve spiritual wisdom, you’ll be the next Solomon blessed with over a hundred wives. These men didn’t chase women, instead they became sophisticated. They became great men, and thus women chased them. So before you embark on your silly quest for learning “game”, you should understand the nature of the modern female so you –

Spare Yourself of Humiliation

Women today are so screwed up that even if you are a swell respectable guy with a good physique and background, guess what, they’ll reject you, because they have been hardwired to be proud and shun any attempts made on them even if they otherwise like them.


Robert is an all star sprinter, but he drinks a lot and likes to party and is not looking to settle down anytime soon. He is not exactly husband material, but most westernized girls today will flock over to him over John who is a doctor, although he is educated and fit. He will easily bore western girls because his personality and lifestyle is not entertaining enough for spoiled western women. A good ole fashion guy will get rejected most of the time since most pretty girls have desperate boys swarming over them. Besides, these girls want bad boys anyway. After these bimbos have their fun and realize it was a waste, then they seek guys like John but by then they’re all washed up and unattractive.

This is why you should stop mindlessly pursuing women. Most men are lost, they lacked fatherly guidance and are turning to external solutions like drugs, rock’n roll, and sex. This includes other silly pursuits like nomad living (even thought nomads were historically poor), chasing foreign woman, and learning “game”. Why are men doing this? Because they suffer a severe lack of identity and are so desperate to get one by joining silly online groups and communities. And if anyone says anything that potentially threatens their tribe, they immediately attack like animals with phrases such as “grow a pair” or whatever primitive dialogue they can come up with. So grow up, and start living like a man.

Chasing women is for those who have no higher aim in life. Do something better, become focused, and you’ll see how not just women, but people in general respond to you, because regardless of whether you want to accept it, people, especially women (the kind that you want to marry), can sense whether your full of s**t or real.

P.S. – as feminism continues to grow, women will soon be approaching guys. In fact, there is an increase in demand for courses and seminars for women who struggle with dating, so girls will start picking up guys. The tables are turning so all you’ll need to do as a man is to just become fit and have enough finances to be independent, but probably not even that 

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