How the Police Really Operate

While living in Atlantic City, I met a former cop who was in the DEA who was now working there as the gate-man for the apartment complex. He hit it off and exchanged casual conversation since he liked me because his other colleagues according to him were “dumb asses”. If you’ve ever been to Atlantic City, you would know why. For privacy reasons, I’ll just refer to this ex-cop as Jamaica Man, since he was from Jamaica. He immigrated to England, and then eventually to the United States where he joined the army and then worked in the DEA. Jamaica Man brought in some old pictures of his officer years and showed me a picture taken when his team made a major bust. In the photo, you could see the guys posing with all the drugs and money lying all over the place. However, Mr. Jamaican Man soon learned how things really went down on the force.

He saw his fellow officers grab some money because in their mind they earned it. When they asked him about what he was going to take, Jamaica Man said he took a candy. Back at the office, one of his colleagues asked whether he believed whatever so and so said for the official report. Jamaica Man replied that whatever is found in the investigation should provide the accurate information.

The other officer then said, “Oh yea ***? Well then, maybe you shouldn’t be working here.”

It was then Jamaica Man began contemplating his place on the force. He told me of other stories of his partner stopping people on the road and would ask them to step out of their car. While they were waiting, this cop planted drugs in their vehicle and would bust them even though he purposely put them there something known as “flaking”. I found that hard to believe when Jamaica Man told me, but it’s not the first time I heard of such a thing. You may have heard these stories of cops arresting suspects who fit the stereotype or physical description of an alleged criminal and get away with it, but hearing it from a former cop was mind boggling.

Rumors of cops wanting to make their quota are commonly known among America citizens, however nobody can really prove it. Hearing it from a former cop himself face to face and not reading it on the internet, transformed that street talk I heard previously into something that is real and cannot be ignored. Sure, there is the possibility that Mr. Jamaica Man made these stories up to impress me, or for entertainment sake, but I don’t see the logic in lying about that, especially by a former cop and army veteran who had two master’s degrees.

These were some of the stories he told me during his time in the force. He also told me that his partner committed suicide because he got caught with a prostitute. From what I gathered from Jamaica Man and others, there are more cops who use the services of prostitutes than you think. So, it begs the question by the sober man, what exactly are we paying these cops to do? There have been reports of cops ramping up their busts to meet their quota and for promotions. 

The Police Protect the Establishment, not American Citizens

Marijuana has recently been legalized because it brings revenue. That seems to be a common theme among government. Whatever brings in more revenue is happily accepted and legalized. And the people who enforce these unfair rules are, you guessed it, the cops. When Trump supporters get beaten up by domestic terrorists like Black Lives Matters or Antifa thugs, the police stand by. When a shooter picks his targets at a Las Vegas casino, police are nowhere to be found. When street rioters destroy the city of Baltimore, cops stand by with shields. What are we paying our taxes for when the police don’t do their job? Why is it they’re never there when we need them, but instantly show up when something threatens the hierarchy?

I know they are genuine cops out there who want to help, but they have their hands cuffed by the chains of political correctness. These days, I see on the news whiny bratty college bimbos get in the face of cops and spit their political gibberish. Officers have to swallow a lot of crap, and even though they are harassed, the law prevents them from doing their job and teaching these social justice warriors a lesson. 

On one side you have cops who really care and want to protect citizens, but then on the other, you have rogue ones who look for someone to bust to meet their quota, get that promotion, or just to let off some steam. Some of them may watch these cage fights on TV, and then can’t wait to try out some of the moves on a helpless person. Citizens can’t really make arrests, because it’s them versus the hounds of justice who always bind together with the law on their side. There are cops who are out there to serve, but we’re kidding ourselves to deny that there are cops who hide behind the power of the state and abuse the law for kicks and amusement.

Trigger-happy cops like Phillip Mitchell Brailsford looked more like a criminal with is tattooed arms, then Daniel Shaver, the man he slaughtered even though he was on the floor crying and begging for his life. This is why people of certain ethnicity and demographic fear the police thinking that they too will be the next target. Most cops are not walking the streets looking for trouble, it’s not like their daily mantra when they get up in the morning is, “Oh boy, I can’t wait to beat someone up today!” However, the abuse of power from the FBI and local police continues to rise as America is shaping up to be a more policed state. Cameras are at nearly every traffic light, laws are being manipulated, and more legislation continues to be pumped out from government that favor bureaucrats while giving the middle finger to the American citizen.

America should allow Citizens to Bear Arms just like Iceland

This is the problem the conservative/republican parties fail to acknowledge, at least on the mainstream level. They praise the police as heroes who put their lives on the line every day when the reality is they walk the streets with absolute power. Some use it wisely while others abuse it. Whenever you criticize cops, the common response the far-right has is to not call the police when you get into trouble. Newsflash – most law abiding American citizens are not going to get into trouble! This sort of elementary retort from the far-right is on the level of a child. If more power and freedom was given back to the people, the American citizen would be able to purchase and carry guns just like they do in Iceland, a country where most of the population is armed. The police there do not have the ridiculous power like they do in America, in fact they don’t even carry guns.

In America however, you’re defenseless against police, and if that’s not enough, SWAT is only a phone call away who will bring in the heavy artillery. The government treats its people like cattle, and anyone who disrupts the establishment is pursued as though they were a terrorist yet thugs in Black Lives Matter and Antifa are let off the hook. That’s why the far right is just as corrupt as the far left. Neither one is better, they are two sides on the same coin. Until citizens are given the right to defend themselves without having to abide by ridiculous political correctness and other silly laws designed to screw them over, people will never truly be free in America. The less dependence on the government and its employees, the better.

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