How to Reduce the Negative Effects of WIFI and Digital Devices

Desperate for more control, the government is pushing for more powerful WiFi. The government of course says it’s for our protection to block cyber hackers. Sure, but regardless it is being pushed and while that can sound like a scary thing, the reality is human beings can emit even stronger frequency waves that work on a level the Silicone geek heads will never understand. Their technology is limited as it depends on circuits and wires, but the human mind and spirit is much grander. The dark forces, however have made some upgrades to their technology, as newer HD laptops and phones have modifications to protect them for outside frequencies, even from monster magnets to an extent. Still, by utilizing natural herbs, meditation, and some common sense, you can create a strong energy to counteract the effects.


Put a Big Black Tourmaline in your House – this gem cancels negative frequencies and EMF, so get a jumbo sized one, they are relatively inexpensive. Or you can wear it as a bracelet or necklace.

Wear a Hematite Ring – this again reduces the effects of EMF and negativity. You should be able to find them for around five dollars at most jewelers.

Use an EMF Canceling Pendant – wearing an EMF reducing device reduces the EMF emitting from electronic devices. Of course, mainstream science will call it a scam, but if Olympic athletes and professionals are raving about it, then there’s something to it. I recommend an E-Pendant from eWater that comes with a free cellphone and computer patch to cancel out the waves from your phone and PC when you use it, or you can get the larger pendant which is built to withstand 5G . The other option is getting a Q-Link. You can also get a pendant which contains volcano rock that has minerals to protect you, and they have ones to put on your phone.

Eat Kelp – when the nuclear reactor malfunctioned in Japan, sales of kelp went up as it contains iodine which protect against radiation damage.

Wear Rare Earth Magnets when Sleeping – neodymium rings speed up healing as the magnetic fields accelerate cellular healing repairing any damages that you may incur. You can also get a powerful magnet for your home as magnetism disrupts electrical functioning. Even with 5G, it still will reduce the effects to some extent.

Visit Nature Often – WiFi signals are weaker or nonexistent near in mineral dense natural areas as these are places of harmonic frequency so just being present is a rejuvenating experience. Visiting gardens, oceans, parks, or even hiking is very beneficial. Walking barefoot on the ground allows your body to absorb the earth’s magnetic force.

Avoid Electrocuted Food – microwaves and other electric based cookware can transfer the radiation. Careful of this especially when eating at restaurants.

Build your Own Energy up – exercises like sprinting and calisthenics increase testosterone levels which protect you from this estrogen infused world, so you become more resistant to stress.

Up your Vitamin intake – this 5G scam is being done to physically hurt you, so you want to raise your body’s natural defenses. Key vitamins such as vitamins C and B, are very important as well as consuming a good whole food supplement. Vitamin C can be taken in much higher doses than what the daily recommendation allows, so you can follow this video to improve your immune system

Get more Sunlight – 5G may emit more radiation, but the sun’s rays contain beneficial light that alleviates stress and depression.

Breathe deeply outside – lowers stress levels and fills your lungs with vitality and energy from nature.

Move out of Cities – try to get away if possible and go to more rural areas so you’re closer to nature. Yes, the 5G can affect you there too, but cities will be hit the hardest and the soonest, and the effects will be more devastating as it’s already swarmed with EMF chaos. Staying away from high-tech places is ideal, because rural areas have more options for going to parks and natural areas. Apartments, corporate buildings, and most shops are bombarded with WiFi, so it helps to get out of that digital cesspit.

Common Sense

Use the speaker phone instead of holding it to your ear. When retiring for the night, turn off your computer or laptop and be sure to turn off the WiFi. Bluetooth and high-powered headsets are unnecessary so just use regular headphones. In general, try to do away with as much wireless technology as possible so you reduce the EMF in your home.


We’re Living during a Spiritual War

Globalists are doing this, because they are desperate, and they fear that their plans are not working. However, human beings must be strong and not allow 5G to lower their frequency. By doing the described above, you strengthen your personal energy and while it won’t necessarily eliminate all exposure, what it certainly will do is improve your body’s natural defenses against these harmful radiation waves.

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