Meddling in the Middle East is Toppling America’s Economy

Driving down unemployment rates has been the president’s goal and he managed to do that, however his hasty actions in The Middle East have shaken up the entire global economy. Going into battle again in The Middle East could make oil cartels increase their rates and since the firing of Rex Tillerson, gas prices are already starting to creep up. Inflation has been steadily rising ever since Trump took office. More jobs may have been created, but they are not paying enough for the costs of living and with the uncertainty of the dollar, Americans are not quite sure what to make of their country’s current state.

Recently, US ambassador, Nikki Haley, made threatening statements to the Syrian government and allies if the Russian backed Syrian army got involved in Syria’s Idlib. This is not “improved” international relations but rather international bullying and the Eastern world has not forgotten of the previous US attacks on Syria. “Smart” shiny new missiles were fired and approved by Donald Trump even after Russia said it was a staged ‘chemical attack’. This was done right before the OPCW was about to investigate the allegations of Assad. Could it be that the U.S. fired, because they feared that their accusations would be found to be false? The obvious is becoming very clear, because investigators found the chemical attacks to be NOT of Syrian origin. Assad said no concrete evidence exists of him gassing his own people for the first allegation and this time around isn’t any different. During his interview, he said this is all “cosmetic campaigning” designed to sway the sheeple into endorsing bombings.

When the attack occurred, Nikki Haley tweeted,

“When our president draws a red line, he enforces the red line.”

She also told the U.N. that the U.S. is “locked and loaded” if Syria uses chemical weapons again. Also, the U.N. Security Council rejected Russia’s response resolution. This act alone has prompted Russia to design a counter plan which includes ceasing titanium imports to the US. This can have serious implications for the military.

Putin is not 100% honest, after all he ran the KGB, but he is not funding terrorism yet still contractors and politicians want war for financial incentives.

“The cold war is back with a vengeance and a difference,” António Guterres, UN secretary general

Has Donald Trump Been Compromised?

Trump congratulated allied forces saying on Twitter, “A perfectly executed strike last night. Thank you to France and the United Kingdom for their wisdom and the power of their fine Military. Could not have had a better result. Mission Accomplished!” However, Russia claims that Syrian forces shot down nearly 70% of the American and allied forces missiles, so not as flawless as Trump thinks it was. Also, if this airstrike achieved so much like the president is boasting, then why did the Iranian and Syrian people shrug it off while dancing in victory for shooting down American missiles?

“Thank God this was less than we had feared. We were scared of a bigger assault that could be devastating, but we are happy it was limited and less powerful,” Mayda Kumejian, Damascus resident.

Still, Trump thinks he’s doing great and also stated, “We are prepared to sustain this pressure, if the Syrian regime is foolish enough to test our will” even when Nikki Haley admitted they FAILED miserably to stop Assad’s “evil” regime.

Former US ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, said that she fears Trump has no real strategy other than bombing and tweeting.

Fake Fox News show hosts like to praise Trump, saying he looks like a Mafia boss. In a way, they’re right, he is running the country like a gangster, and it’s ticked off eastern super powers. Some Americans believe Russia is not threat, but they don’t realize that they have submarines that are equally destructive if not more than the US, and they are not afraid to use it. Wars are fought with computers, not fists, and with the digital revolution, America’s economy can easily be “turned off” by hackers. Russia slammed Trump’s actions and said there will be consequences, and how ironic this happened just after Kim Jong Un became friends with China? America’s economy is dancing on thin ice, and Trump can’t just tweet his way out of this mess.

International Relations are not Improving

At present, the United States is spending more for securing the border and for this unnecessary foreign war that seems to continue no matter which president it is or what their policies are. Dragging on like this is exhausting the country’s resources and this can only sustain for so long. More and more issues are arising in America such as internal corruption in Washington, increased tensions between international relations such as China, Russia, and the Middle East, as well as a failed border system where millions of undocumented aliens are flooding the country. More recently now is the natural disaster emergency response relief as a new powerful hurricane is expected to hit the East coast. With the devastating effects of hurricanes Sandy, Katrina, and Harvey, and the failure of the government to adequately assist citizens, all of these issues collectively is bringing down the country and this can only sustain for so long.

Costs for these natural disasters combined were nearly half a trillion dollars. The United States is already drenched in debt, so the more money it prints, the greater devaluation of its currency is. The media likes to assure you that everything is going to be okay, because Trump is the great American president just like Reagan was. Well, president Reagan shifted taxes from the rich to the working middle class, thus leading to the huge gap between the rich and poor we have today. He also spent a lot on military and other organizations much like how Trump is doing. If a business owner went on a spending spree like what Trump is doing, they’d be out of business within the month, but for America, the sky is the limit and there’s no telling how much more they’ll spend.

Such carelessness will lead to several consequences…

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