Human Beings are Killing Animals and Sucking Every Last Resource Dry

Recently, my calculus professor informed us that 75% of the insect population has been wiped out in America over the years. Some may not care, but the extinction of these species has dire consequences on the environment because our crops will suffer. We need them to make sure we have a bountiful harvest, but with all this big corporate industrialization of the country, more insects are dying. However, dangerous insects like the Asian longhorn tick have infected the United States, and now it has spread from New Jersey to the Middle States. No matter how technologically advanced human civilization seems to get, they never fail to display their true primitive colors by how they treat animals. Still, even in this day, you have “macho” guys who get off by hunting animals for sport, bullfights in Spain where the innocent creature is tortured in front of a live audience (I smile whenever the bull wins), and more animals are being imprisoned in zoos because it’s too dangerous for them to live in their natural habitat due to poachers or people invading in their lands. This needs to stop, why do we constantly need people to spread and settle everywhere? When will this madness stop, can’t there be any land on earth that is just left alone? Does every last parcel really need to be colonized and be turned into a shopping mall? Why does man have to consume every last resource on this planet even when he doesn’t need it? Is building a theme park at the expense of a rain forest just for the amusement of consumers really that necessary?

The US government recently approved seismic testing even though there were concerns of the negative impact on the dolphin and whale population. We have already seen just how insane some people are as with the pro-gun female enthusiast who posed with the body of a dead lamb and a bloody sex toy. In Borneo, animalan orangutan was being forced to perform sex acts on customers. Puffins are going extinct in Iceland by hunters who kill for sport. The bee population is also disappearing at an alarming rate. Elephants and rhinos are being hunted for their tusks and horns respectively. Ivory sells big in China, and that spells profits to poachers. Even sea lions aren’t spared and the government plans to wipe out 75% of horses.

Remember Harambe, the gorilla who was shot dead at the zoo because some irresponsible parent let her son jump in the pit? You know, I’ve read some of the comments regarding the incident when it occurred, and some of them said that the zookeepers should have shot the kid instead of Harambe. People were outraged, and I don’t blame them.  With the recent California wild fires, president Trump made the order to access waters in the state when they knew that endangered animals live there even though firefighters said they don’t need it. That’s what happens when you have Ryan Zinke in charge. It is sad that innocent animals must suffer due to the mistakes of man. Human beings prove time and time again that they’re just hairless apes with big mouths and big guns, all trying to prove who has the bigger balls by driving the sleekest car, buying the most luxurious house, flexing the biggest muscle, and starting the biggest war, constantly fighting to prove who is “the man”. What they fail to realize is they’re just displaying their inferiority, and the abuse on animals is a clear indicator. Killing animals for food is fine, but many are being butchered simply for entertainment.

Is there anything on this earth human beings won’t kill? Is there anywhere left on this planet that is untouched by man? Are there any safe zones where the animals can live in peace without the interference of people?

Unfortunately, no, there is nothing on this globe that mankind won’t exploit and use for industrialization. There is nowhere to go, nowhere left to hide as Big Brother’s watchful eye is high above in space observing your every move. Even in the remote jungles of the amazon, new tribes who have never had any outside contact are being discovered by aerial drones. It’s only a matter of time before the government enslaves them to use for cheap labor and other human resources. Government sees these people as free votes. They’ll most likely give them shabby clothes and grant them citizenship upon receiving their coerced vote. This is how the world operates.

Politicians are so adamant about creating sanctuary cities and states for illegal immigrants, well how about creating sanctuary jungles for animals where they can live devoid of humans. Recently, the entire earth rang like a bell and nobody knows what’s going on. Everybody heard it in various countries but nobody is saying anything, is the earth reacting to all the pumping, and bombing humans are conducting on a regular basis? Does the earth have a mind of its own? Well, what is known for sure is that human greed is staining the earth and unless the condition isn’t treated, there may not be any resources left over for an ever growing homo sapien population.

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