I Miss the Days of Being a Kid

I envy kids. Just being able to go for a bike ride and not have too many worries troubling you. Being able to play ball with friends, go for a walk, or just simply hang out. Being fascinated with life, looking forward to the future, taking joy in being alive. Going through life with spunk, a skip in your step, and with big dreams. Having the innocence to dare to go farther than anyone else, to do what no one else has done before, to become that which nobody even dreamed of. Being treated kindly by everyone as if they too believe in your future. But then adulthood saps that out of you with unimportant tasks, responsibilities, and duties. That kindness people once gave you, is now replaced with expectations. Instantaneously, the world expects you to act your age, be an a man, or woman, and to be a productive member of society. In other words, to assimilate, to become another drone in the system. If you deviant, you’re attacked, mocked, and ridiculed by very stupid people, some of whom hold several advanced college degrees of indoctrination.

When you’re a kid, everyone believes in you. They want you to live and be somebody, but when you’re an adult, there’s only one thing people want you for – benefits. Sexual, financial, whatever, people only look at you for how you can benefit them. Old age is the worst, because then people don’t even want to look at you, they don’t want to even be in the same room with you, they don’t even want to acknowledge that you exist. The difference between young and old is that when you’re young you’ve got life and everybody wants you to live a great life, but when you’re old, people just want you to do die. Only if you have wealth saved away for them or if you can help them advance in their career, then they value you. Otherwise, you’re just taking up space.

Even though I’m not old, I’m already missing the days of being able to go outside and play. But I’m not the only one, there is an unusually high level of depressing in this world among the millennial population. Even when you’re just 22, you are considered “old”. Girls complain of being so old even when they’re only 24-25, when they should be rejoicing for being at a prime age in life. This says a lot about the world we live in, it tells us that despite all of the luxuries, there is still something missing. The human race is not happy with the system. We’re not using technology to enrich our lives, but rather to enrich the bank accounts of corporations. If having a higher standard of living increases productivity, than they will deliver it, so it’s a side effect, but once AI completely takes over, then you’ll see how much people care for one another.

I used to hear the saying that the young can’t wait to grow up and then they do they wish they were kids again. How ironic.

The young is told to strive to achieve excellence in academics so they can do well in getting a rewarding career, and for many decades now, they have been doing just that yet still loneliness, depression, and lack of sexual intimacy are big problems in America. Elders preached to work hard, an cheesy cliche, to earn a good life, but they never taught the young how to live a good life and it’s showing. The young generation is the result of the bad environment created by their forefathers who didn’t really have enough experience or knowledge in raising healthy children themselves. So, looking ahead we’ve got to be honest with ourselves as a race in which direction do we want to take ourselves. Do we really want to continue living this way working like slaves, or would we be more fulfilled seeking to live and experience life rather than just getting by and dulling our senses with booze, drugs, and trash TV to distract us from our unfulfilled lives? I’ve made my decision to do whatever I want, because a life spent following the rules is a wasted life. As conformity and centralized control increases, people are becoming more passive and less rebellious, much like ants. When people are on their death bed, the common thing they do is relive their lives from their memories. If they achieved and experienced what they wanted, they rest in peace. If they didn’t, they cry, complain, and feel immense regret. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be the one who dies a slow agonizing painful death in self remorse and regret. I choose immortality, for godhood, and will fight to attain it everyday or die trying!

Experience life to its fullest, don’t settle for anything less. If you’re stuck on an island yet can see the shore far away, wouldn’t you want to take that chance and swim over or would you rather toil away alone on that island? Life is worth pursuing what makes you happy, what tinkles and fulfills the kid in you. No matter how absurd or ridiculous your goals may sound to others or how far it deviates from the norm, if it makes you complete, do it. It’s time to start thinking what’s best for yourself and not give a dame about peers, your country, or even what your family wants. A life spent appeasing others is no life at all. As the New Year comes around, the simplest most authentic goal is to just simply experience life more, to laugh more, achieve more, to simply become better than who you are today in whatever category that means to you. Then when you look back at your life, you can smile remembering your happiest of memories.

Some may think this is being too feminine. I say to them – bite me.

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