Is America on Track for Another Economic Collapse?

Ron Paul  warned that the American economy could face another collapse far worse than the last ‘Great Depression’ of 1929. According to him, Wall Street is increasingly becoming more vulnerable and over the next year, the likelihood of them going down under is high. To most, this is heresy, however that is the same mentality citizens had before the last one occurred. Americans just don’t think it could ever happen and anytime you see these types of warnings, the immediate gut reaction is oh, it’s just another conspiracy theory, another wacko blowing his horn making a mountain out of a molehill. Still, Ron Paul’s warning caught the ear of Michael Savage, a popular conservative talk radio host who on his recent show, kept asking listeners the question –

Are You Prepared for an Economic Depression?

Most normal people don’t have time to think about a disaster scenario, just look at Hurricane Sandy and Katrina. Even though warnings were issued, most inhabitants couldn’t really do anything because they simply just didn’t have the finances to relocate like the rich did. As we’ve seen in the California wild fires, the state now faces a new record of homelessness while Hollywood celebrities flew to their other million-dollar mansions. As I’ve communicated before in previous works, you cannot depend on the government to save you during a crisis. Take a look at Eastern Texas, a lot of people suffered great financial loss not to mention their homes. So the answer is no for most Americans as the country now operates in an economy that depends on its digital symbiotic relationship with technology. Everything is packaged and served neatly where people are out of touch with where their food, water, and comforts come from.

Americans have a strong fighting spirit, and despite the devastation of natural disasters, massive influx of illegal immigrants, and a housing recession, the American way continues to keep going. But can it really endure another economic meltdown like in 1929? I don’t think so, because so far, America has received bailouts and federal printed money whenever it ran into a jam.

Is there Going to be a Collapse?

You may have seen ads warning about how America is doomed and that you must take action now to avoid getting screwed by the system. The problem with these types of claims is that it’s always done by somebody who’s always selling you some “insider” or “secret” information about how the market is going to collapse, and that unless you buy their overly priced CD/DVD/newsletter/etc., you’re going to be in big trouble when the economy falls apart. This is why many don’t believe the Armageddon warnings whenever they pop up. Every New Year, there’s always somebody spreading fear that the economy is going to collapse. I’ve personally seen these types of fear-based marketing pitches over the years and over time one becomes desensitized to the material presented. However, I have learned from the story of the boy and the wolf that although there may be several false cries, one of them might be real. So, the question remains, will it?

It could, but it’s more likely that a shift will occur towards digital currency aka, cryptocurrency, because the Silicone Men of Silicon Valley want universal income, and it could potentially upset the banking system. Or it could become the global currency the government always dreamed of. However, digital currency will make everyone “poor” because it’s an intangible “asset”. It’s just based on faith, something of substance. Paper money isn’t going anywhere, you’re not going to change how the entire world exchanges with bitcoin. Credit cards and wiring money took a while to adjust and yet still people prefer cash. Cryptocurrency is just a third world fad. Cash will always be king. The way to know whether or not the economy is heading towards a collapse is by monitoring how well cryptocurrency is doing. Right now, one bitcoin is around $3,500 USD which is bad but better compared to the almost $20k jump it had. Seeing it go down means the economy will hold up, but if you see one bitcoin worth $50,000 USD, the country is in bad shape. In short, crypto is a gamble to make quick money if you know how to play. Universal income plans to control this method of currency which will be very bad.

Can America Handle Another Economic Collapse?

Not likely, I highly doubt people can survive without the comforts of modern living. Their digital lifestyle has stripped away their survival skills like a house cat pampered by his wealthy owners. What will people do without androids, Facebook, and TV? How will they function, how will they ever survive? Millennials are not built for manual labor, they’re hardwired for texting, internet surfing, and binge watching Netflix. They wouldn’t be able to hunt, farm, or start a fire, let alone clean up after themselves and with most of them being broke, they just wouldn’t be able to cope with it mentally. Seeing their lives crash would cause an emotional meltdown. With so many on welfare, the American citizen could be replaced by illegal immigrants. Citizens could become a minority in their own country as foreign invaders will see America’s weakened state as an opportunity.

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