John “Bomberman” Bolton, Modern Day War Monger

Declaring to bring back the troops home, Donald Trump put many smiles on the faces of Americans. However, the war monger John “Bomberman” Bolton went to the Middle East to make sure the unnecessary war continues. Fox News reported that Bolton said that no one will leave until ISIS is defeated, even though Trump said that they already are. Trump is working to deliver what Conservatives voted for and that was to secure the border, improve the economy, and peacefully end the war. He got much applause and was on track to winning a noble peace prize for being the first US president to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jon Un and negotiate disarming nuclear weapons without any hostile action.

Trump is working hard, however he severely underestimated a neocon that lurks within his own administration – John Bolton.

This man represents the very Washington D.C. swamp Trump promised to drain. Bolton’s behavior almost ruined Trump’s meeting with Un, because he called for ridiculous demands nearly causing Un to back out. “Bomberman” basically told North Korea that America would take away their weapons and blow them to smithereens if they choose to. Now, this man goes to Turkey and leaves without meeting the president to take care of “business”, while Mike Pompeo was in Egypt doing the same. No one seems to know what exactly Bolton was doing as if he is on some sort of rogue mission.

Why he would do such a thing is puzzling, unless of course you look at his background.

Bolton and his Hedge Fund Army

Bolton’s PAC paid nearly a million dollars to Cambridge Analytica, the same entity that Facebook used to collect the private data of its users for profit. He also made quite a name for himself in the private sector, joining Freedom Capital Investment Management, a firm that profited off of oil, guns, and coal. On their website, they showed nearly seven trillion dollars spent on “socially responsible investing”, whatever that means, and even after the company went down under and was sold, John’s involvement remained a mystery as he continued to lurk around the corners even after the transfer of ownership.

During the Bush presidency, he was the one who coerced him into war by spreading the lie of the Middle East having weapons of mass destruction. He is also funded by hedge funds who all want to ruin Trump to setup the next stooge they have in line for the presidency.

Who are Bolton’s Mysterious Shadow N.S.C. Advisors?

They are the puppeteers pulling the strings serving as advisors for the National Security Council, one of them being Charles Kupperman, a former defense executive and Reagan official who held a high position at Boeing Company. David Wurmser, who is pro-Israel, is another Bolton advisor who served as an advisor to Dick Cheney on Middle Eastern affairs. Frederick Fleitz is another, who was a former CIA analyst and now collects a fat check working for Fox News, the number one network for conservatism, and pro-Israel brainwashing.

Bolton is Ruining US international relations

The North Korean summit was almost canceled by Trump due to Bolton’s aggression. Even Trump himself said that Bolton’s actions were too extreme then. Michael Savage, dubbed the “architect” of the Trump campaign and number one Trump supporter who was in favor of Trump ending the Iran deal, said on his show that he warned Trump about Bolton when he met him, saying that he wouldn’t touch him with a ten-foot pole. If Trump respected Savage so much, why hasn’t he fired Bolton yet, especially after he latest shenanigans now in the Middle East? Trump continues to trip over his own foot by selecting globalists in his administration. 

The US has exhausted its arsenal over the years conquering the Middle East with a politically correct war, and now it may no longer have enough firepower for world war against a new enemy. Eastern powers like China are growing, very clever, and they are not spending money mindlessly like the US, nor are they in massive debt. Trump was misled to continue fighting in the Middle East, was almost coerced into attacking North Korea, and now the neocons are doing everything possible to prevent his border security plan. While Trump is preoccupied with illegal immigration, Bolton is busy creating more trouble overseas while other problems are occurring.

Taiwan and China are at odds as Xi Jinping, the Chinese president, threatened military force to stop them from declaring independence. He met with King Jong Un again and the nuclear disarming seems to being delayed purposely. Trump has already angered China by saying they’re struggling, he doesn’t know when to keep quiet. This is not improving international relations. China has already protested against US ships sailing in the South China Sea, and American citizens cannot afford another war as they are barely making ends meet. If things escalate, trigger happy Bolton will be the first one to shout at Trump to attack North Korea which is likely to get China involved, a force that the US continues to underestimate.

The country US to remain one of the most taxed nations on earth, especially for business owners, and despite Trump’s efforts, the swamp only seems to be getting deeper with more predators lurking around. When you have a lawyer working for him like Giuliani, the man who won a deal for an Oxycontin maker to push sales despite the number of drug related deaths, it is foretelling of what is yet to come.

Cartoons by G.S. Luthra

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