Kick Start Plan to Save America

The task at hand is great, but there are things Trump can do to create positive changes quickly in America:

Declare State of Emergency & Use Executive Order to Halt Corruption

Ladies and gentlemen, the entire United States government is corrupt. You know it, I know it, and Trump must know it. It’s beyond repair as senators, judges, congressmen, and even state governors are disobeying Trump’s legislature. They need to be thrown out of office as well as college administrators who defy immigration laws. Just like a computer, you’ve got to do away with the clutter and reboot the system. No more playing nice, Donald must use the full extent his power to drain the swamp and issue new laws now to fix the country.

 Deport Illegal Federal Prisoners

Make it clear that Mexico must take back the jailed illegal aliens who crossed the border into America. If they refuse, demand a monetary compensation of $25k for each illegal immigrant who entered through the Mexican border to cover the costs of taking care of them. Being the macho culture that it is, Mexico will predictably decline and play tough, but two can play that game. America should then respond by banning all Mexican immigrants, trade, and business until they submit to the demands.

All American companies who base their operations there should be denied, and businesses will have to fire illegal workers (they’d have to anyway). Then you’ll see how quickly Mexico changes. America must stop being nice and letting these nations take advantage of us.

 Close the Border Completely for Seven Years

The boat is full, we don’t need any more people. What do they bring to the table that Americans can’t do? America must account for the millions of illegal immigrants who have already infiltrated the country.

International students from China, Mexico, Cuba, etc., come here to get the best education in the world and then go back to their home country. It is bankrupting the nation while driving up tuition costs for citizen students. Thanks to the idiocy of The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, unqualified people from second and third world nations flooded America, and it hasn’t recovered ever since. Brain power went down, and too much mixing of cultures created the problems that we are facing today. No other nation in the world allows this. It’s about time America jumped on board the bandwagon and puts up the fence to the rest of the world.

Tax Imports

China, Brazil, Mexico, and other countries are making a mockery out of America on trade. They tax everything we send out to them but expect us to take their goods tariff free and look down at us. Their egos are over inflated, thinking they’re better than us. It’s time to put them in their place. We don’t need a growth in international business, we need to improve the economy within America. Economically speaking, there’s no advantage for America being in NAFTA, Trans-Pacific partnership, or the UN. It only benefits other corrupt nations.

Enough of these international globalists telling us how we should do business in our own country. Let them conduct their globalist style enterprise in their homeland. Embrace Americanism!

 Leave International Affairs

It’s not America’s job to help every nation that asks for it. We’re not the world’s babysitter. We have our own problems, so let the rest of the world handle their own. Fighting their wars while they build up their military is suicide.

Being in the UN is meaningless, get out now so you no longer have to worry about offending corrupt internationalists. It will also cut costs and save America from a lot of pain. We’ve done enough. Pull out, withdraw, and let the rest of the world handle their own problems.

 Get off Social Media!

Being there is very amateurish for Trump. His narcissism is destroying him and America. He needs to behave more like a president and stop engaging in petty twitter wars with random nobodies. Do you see other respectable leaders doing this on the internet? If he really wants to have direct one on one contact with Americans, broadcast from the oval office or from the Trump Tower. He has the resources to make professional quality material, which would make him more presidential. Wasting time at rallies and on social media makes him look like a chump.

For a man being in business for so long, it is shocking that he doesn’t even know how to present himself professionally. At his age, he should behave more dignified and mature.

 Start Manufacturing in America Again

This country used make some of the finest products available. American steel was like no other, and now it is time to bring that back. The outsourcing trend has destroyed the economy, and this mess has made it very difficult for both business owners and workers to keep it within the states. Tax cuts should be given for those who hire Americans, and for incorporating and manufacturing within the country. That will give more incentive for companies to stay local.

 Cut all Welfare and Government Medical Care to Non-Citizens

If you’re in a relationship with someone you can’t stand, one method of getting rid of them is to take away all the goodies they get by being with you. For example, a gold digger may be with a rich old man, but if he were to take away the cars, shopping, and other things she loves, she will naturally leave him for someone else foolish enough to spend on her.

Well, America has been the dumb rich man who pays for everyone’s expenses for twenty years, and so immigrants from Mexico and elsewhere have been taking advantage of this. By removing all the free government benefits and strictly enforcing them to be only offered to citizens, the incentive to sneak into America becomes less rewarding.

 Cut Spending

Trump’s trillion-dollar infrastructure plan was basically the same thing as Obama’s stimulus plan. Rather than having government micromanage everything, let private enterprise solve the problem. Entrepreneurs and businessmen always find ways to deliver products and services to consumers just like they do with technology. We’re already in debt, so more spending is not the answer.

 Arrest Government Officials & Corporations Caught Breaking the Law

Illegal immigration, terrorism, and crony capitalism could never be at the level it is at today had it not been for the corrupt bureaucrats and corporate giants manipulating legislation. The government knows who they are, and Trump must aggressively charge them for multiple violations in trade, business, and crony legislation.

Fine these goons for the amount equivalent to all the damage they have done to the country and deport them if they don’t or can’t pay. They are just as much of an enemy as terrorists, both foreign and domestic. When you have companies like Twitter and the FBI being involved in corruption, you’ve got to shut them down. Cease their assets and pay off the national debt.

 Go Back to the Gold Standard

Credit is fictitious money, so no economy which runs on it is strong. The United States owes over twenty trillion in debt, and paper money and credit isn’t working, so it’s time to back the dollar with gold. Even J.P. Morgan Chase said that gold is money and everything else is credit.

Make the Media Accountable

No other country on earth allows their media to report fake news without presenting any evidence to the extent of what occurs in America. The media blatantly makes stories up just to get more views and appease superiors. Donald Trump needs to step in and change the law to make the media accountable for their reports, no more stories based on what he said she said. The media also uses blackmail to coerce people into speaking or testifying in their favor like Lisa Bloom, who offered to pay $750,000 to a woman thinking about accusing Trump for sexual harassment. If anyone or group belonging to any media or organization is found to have made claims against anyone without proper documented evidence should be charged a hefty fine.

That’s the only way they’ll learn. Innocent lives are being ruined from false reports by the media, and unless Trump stops them, the media will destroy the country.

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