Magic Words to Ward off Debt Collectors

Let’s face it, crazy collectors harassing you for ridiculous sums of money owed are a pain, especially when you are a good law abiding citizen or small business owner who is financially responsible. I remember a collections agency harassed my dad for nearly three years when the real guy was someone with the same last name who fled the country!

Outsourced callers are even trying to fool American into believing they must pay dues. During a visit to my uncle, he got one of those callers and expressed his disgust by shouting, “Those dame idiot, bloody, bugger, B#$%*)DS!” While there may not be a way to stop them from calling, here are special phrases you can use to nip those debt demons in the bud. Using these specific words shows you’re intelligent and halts them in their tracks.

Rules of Debt

Before we continue, there are a few rules you must know regarding debt.

Rule # 1 – NEVER admit you owe the debt to collectors. Always refer to it as “alleged debt.” Even if you do, we have a civil system and you know what you owe. There is no constitutional statute that permits collectors to hound you with threats.

Rule # 2 – Negotiate. Use financial statements, income statements, and balance sheets to cut debt. Letters to your officials proving your status works wonders, email works too these days.

Rule # 3 – Never be intimidated. We live in a country of laws with individual rights. If you owe the money, states have systems where letters and notifications will inform you. It is a CIVIL process, with police who assist if necessary. Debt collectors know it, but use mind games to scare you.

Three Phrases to Get Rid of Pesky Collectors

Now that’s clear, here are phrases you can use to show debt collectors that you are no fool and that they are wasting their time trying to hassle you. If they accuse you of owing money, just use one of these lines:

Discharged Debt – if a caller presses you for something you don’t owe or too long to remember respond by stating the alleged debt is discharged. This legal term means the debt is too old to be collectable or has been dissolved through bankruptcy. Answer with this and politely hang up.

Identity Theft – suspicious charges appearing on your account? Are collectors blaming you? Claim you believe to be a victim of identity theft. When you state this, collectors can no longer pursue you legally and will cease calling you. Of course, make sure your identity is secured.

SOL, Statute of Limitations – if you don’t recall or are unsure of a collector’s claim, firmly state the alleged debt is noncollectable under the SOL. Usually, it works as it can mean they can’t collect due to a statute or it could mean you are unable to pay. If that pesky collector persists, calmly innocently state you have “no recollection of the alleged debt in question.” Kindly request the debt collector to produce the note and supporting documents and you will review to see if it rings a bell. Most likely, they’ll not bother as it’s too much work and time.

Use these powerful and effective techniques to banish those debt buggers. Mind you, if you really owe the debt, Jedi mind control may be a better solution.

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