Many Men have Purchased a Silicon Wife, Should You?

I found this subject intriguing because it started from an artist sculpting dolls to a booming business that incorporates AI technology to create robot partners that could very well replace humans one day.

Think you’ll never try it out? Well, just take a look at some of the ones available now (yes, they are all sex bots) –

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Like em thick? Well check these out –



If you’re already turned on by what you’ve just seen guess what, you ain’t seen nothing as this is only the beginning. Whatever your thing is be it big butts, boobs, or hips, the future will fulfill your wildest expectations.

We humans have needs. We need fun, adventure, excitement, and yes, pleasure. Video games, travel, movies, and alike are for our entertainment as technology has always been used to enhance our lives and fulfill our needs. Our desire for sex grows with our ability to create more satisfying fantasies with the increases with technology, so this sort of thing is to be expected. In fact, it’s surprising that it didn’t come out sooner since the concept of a robot wife has been around for a while. These bots can cost anywhere between $500-$30k depending on its features. Once it becomes mass produced, the price will drop. There are dangers of course, but just like with fire, once we learn how to wield it responsibly, it could potentially be used to for good. Conservative/republicans seem to be against it, and women like to make the following arguments against its use, but let’s take an honest look –


There’s no emotional connection, no support

How is that any different than real girls these days? Most western women are so politically correct and thus have boring personalities. They have no sense of humor, and are so dame uptight about every little thing. They need 24/7 maintenance and it’s just too cumbersome for men. Women can be cold, manipulative, and just flat out evil. Don’t believe me, go ask one yourself and if she’s honest, she will admit it. They’re cruel, calculative, and can really rip a man’s heart out destroying him emotionally, financially, and physically, leaving him for dead.

What women actually empathizes with a man these days? Give me a freaking break! They’re only nice when the man is raking in the dough and spoiling them with all the comforts of life, only then does she love him. I’m not so sure if women these days are even capable of giving support to a man since they’re so entitled.

I know not all women are like that, I just never met any who aren’t.

If a man needs emotional support, he can get a pet. That’s what a dog is for. Cats give more support than women these days.


It’s sick, you have a problem

Please, is that the best you can come with? News flash, we’re all messed up. Mental illness is epidemic, so who the hell are you to put yourself up on the throne of morality when you’re life is likely to be just as much, if not more, screwed up than mine?


They don’t talk, there’s no conversation

That’s the best part.


You’ll always be alone

You’re going to have to come up with something better than that. Loneliness is already an epidemic in America, having a sex bot may just be what the doctor ordered!


It’s not the same experience

You’re right, it isn’t…for now. Eventually however, sex bots will be perfected to where the sexual experience will be identical to that of a real woman.


You’re sleeping with a hunk of metal and wires

Better than a ton of blubbery fat land whale who may potentially carry STDs. With the amount of Botox, surgery, and other artificial enhancements women get these days, there won’t be much of a difference between sleeping with a bot and human, other than the bot will be cleaner with less maintenance.


Get a real woman!

What if the guy can’t? What if he’s ugly or has no arms or legs? What if he lost his tongue, or has a severe handicap?

Men are having a very difficult time in the dating scene today as all the gorgeous babes are flocking to the mega yachts of the super rich, so what is the average guy supposed to do? It’s so easy for a man to get sued or get into some other trouble just for inadvertently doing things that a woman can use against him, so today’s social and economical setup makes sex  bots all the more attractive.

When women are presented a robot husband, all of a sudden it’s okay. In fact, some are fascinated by it and are willing to try. So now, let’s look at sex bots from another angle, and see the upside for a man owning one –


They’ll do whatever you tell them to do

No whining, no bitching, no menstruation, no pregnancy, no feelings, just obedience.


They’ll never say no to sex

No more “I’m tired”, or “Not today”, or “Tomorrow”, or any of that stupid crap. You get sex, when you want, and how you want, Godspeed!


They’ll never get fat

Pregnancy and raising a child can do a lot of damage to a woman’s body, and this can lead to obesity and ultimately attractiveness. The husband doesn’t get the same sexual pleasure he did before, marital problems arise, and then later it gets to a point where he finds other women attractive. With a bot however, a man gets what he greatly desires from a woman, if not ultimately,  – sex.


They’ll never grow old

Women do not age like fine wine, but rather like milk. After 35, most women go sour and it sucks for a man to have to put up with her crap just to get average sex a couple times a year when he sees young fertile women walking about who are willing to please him. Aging is a terrible thing, good thing sex bots don’t age.


They won’t divorce you or steal your money

90% of divorces are filed by women, and then it only becomes about one thing – money. Many good guys have gotten screwed in more ways than one, hence the term “divorce rape”. The laws favor the women, and court troubles are very time consuming and hectic for men. If you’re a guy who worked hard for his wealth and status, why should you settle for anything less than an obedient housewife who will cater to your every need?

Well, you’ve got two options – the whiny complaining fat western woman, or the complacent obedient sex bot designed to please you.

Take your pick.


They’ll always be there for you no matter what

Like I said before, most divorces are by women and they’ll do it at a drop of a hat if they see a more lucrative option available. if they can snag someone who will provide them with more financial resources, they will dump their spouse faster than you can say cha-ching!

A sex bot won’t.


She won’t lie to you

Need I say more?


She won’t hold any grudges or have any malice

A lot of women will bring up old things and pin you till death for that one “bad” thing you did.


You don’t have to worry about STDs

Most girls these days sleep with 3-15 guys before they’re 21. It’s become increasingly difficult for a man to find a genuine woman who has been penetrated by a brigade of men. A sex bot will put you at ease as you won’t have to worry about catching any diseases.


It is a good temporary fix when your wife is pregnant

Surprisingly enough, a number of married couples are buying them where the wives are actually picking them out for their husbands so they won’t cheat on them when pregnant or away for work. So it can be a temporarily alternative.


Engineering the Perfect Spouse

Image result for sex bots

In the future, robots can be designed to actually truly love you unconditionally like no one else.

Dogs can be trained to serve you. Robots are being made who’s sole purpose is to produce products, manufacture, and complete other tasks. They will perform even if it means using all their available resources. An android wife can be made to be the same. She can be programmed to respond only to your biology and be forever devoted to pleasing you. That will be her purpose. Fat a$$ feminists just can’t compete with that.

What options do guys have these days? A bunch of fat ugly “#MeToo” imbeciles who only know how to order at restaurants and drink the good liquor? They marry rich guys, have anchor babies with them to secure their financial futures, and then later sue them, get custody of the kids, and walk away with millions of dollars. Why should any sensible rich man take a risk with a real woman these days? The risks far out ways the benefits which are diminishing every year.  And it’s not just the men, women want them too. A survey of married women found that most would have sex with a younger man. So why is everyone making a big deal out of this? Why can’t we just grow up and act like adults? Who cares what people do in their bedroom? People want and need sex, and if the current societal structure is producing high divorce rates, then what’s wrong with sex bots? To me, I see it as an adult toy, and every man and woman should be able to buy one and be responsible enough to use it.

Sex bots are here, it can’t be stopped. It’s not at the level of where it needs to be for me personally, but I’m sure it will eventually become so real that you can’t tell the difference. They will talk, have conversations, tell jokes, have a sense of humor, laugh, smile, be there for you, do whatever you tell them to do, and will look and feel indistinguishable from an organic human. By then, yeah, I’ll get myself a robot wife, or at least a maid if I’m married by then. That way, I’ll have someone to cook, clean up, and be there for me just in case.

Sex bots will be a wonderful thing, and thank God for their arrival. This is long overdue.


Dangerous? Not Likely

Many psychologists and conservatives are going ape s**t that it’s going to create a society of perverts just like video games supposedly created violent children. Here are some of he arguments they made:

It will replace human relations

The same was said when the telephone came out, the internet, and social media. Yet, still people associate with one another. Just like eBooks are never going to replace physical books, sex bots will ever replace human contact. It is an alternative. Humans will still have sex with each other, but a sex bot is a backup.


It promotes pedophilia

There are some bots available that resemble children and so some are concerned of what it will do to society. Well, wouldn’t it be better to give the pedophiles who are hiding out there sex bots instead of having them lurking in the shadows waiting to rape a real kid?


It’ll be the end of love

Love is a BS (Bad Science) word to begin with, but think of it this way – how many guys give their cars, trucks, or motorcycles names? There are many who refer to their vehicles as their “girl”, or some other nickname. Humans have already been creating bonds with inanimate objects for centuries be it tools, guns, automobiles, planes, electronic devices, and alike, so to say that sex bots will replace “love” is childish. It’s just another silly excuse the self proclaimed morally religious use to condemn others when they themselves struggle with the same urges. 

Again, nothing will ever replace human to human contact.

People are getting too picky in finding a mate anyway making it very competitive.


It will become an addiction

Alcohol, cigarettes, and now more recently, marijuana are legal. Is the world now raging alcoholics who smoke dope all day? No. Just because something is legal doesn’t mean it will create addicts. People can become addicted to anything – exercise, video games, a sport, reading, the list is endless. So this is just speculation. Besides, every new thing always gets a craze, but once it goes mainstream it’ll die out just like every other fashion trend. People don’t go as crazy as they used to for games, phones, or cars, because it’s not that big of a deal unless it’s the latest gadget, but after a couple of months, it loses its thrill. Sex bots will be the same, the beginning will be crazy, but give it a few years, and people won’t care as much, and may even drop it altogether.

High school boys go crazy for porn, but later on, prefer the real thing.

I don’t drink or smoke even though they’re legal, nor have I gone to a prostitute even though I know I can go to places to get it legally. So just because something is available does not mean everyone will consume it. Just like with abortion and everything else in life, the people who are going to do it are going to do it and the people who won’t, won’t. Everyone has there lifestyle preferences. My one concern however, is that it may condition people to become perverts that will objectify body parts as mere toys or tools for sexual gratification.

Time will tell whether sex bots are a good thing. Until then, get a real girl while you still have the chance, because they just may become a thing of the past.

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