Men’s Desperation for Sex is at an All Time High

I saw a documentary called, Sex, an industry, on A&E and it astounded me at how men were emptying their wallets for women when they weren’t even getting sex in return. One of the girls who was being interviewed said that guys were paying for her dirty socks, $100-$200 for custom videos of her pouring glitter on their feet, and other weird fetishes. One guy was even just sending her money in an envelope for nothing just because he had this strange fantasy of being used by a girl for his money. But it gets even weirder, here’s some of what guys were doing:

  • Buying girls gifts on their amazon wish list
  • Buying their toe nail clipping, feet dust, and dirty underwear
  • One prostitute said she had “clients” (grown men) whom she breast fed to cater to their lactating fetish. Others bought her milk to get “steroid” like effects for muscle mass.
  • Okay, that’s enough, you get the idea.

What kind of men are these guys, was my immediate reaction? Additionally, there was a male escort who provided his “services” to older women and he lived with his mother. There was no father present. This guy was doing this to save up enough money to buy his mom a new house. What kind of mother would approve of this from her son? But this mother was encouraging him and was actively involved in setting up her son’s online profile to attract rich female clients. Now you see why America is becoming increasingly feminized? Even the so called men are becoming mere toys for women.

If this continues, then men will become like worker ants who toil away to serve the queen bee without getting anything in return. Only the ones who the queen selects shall be permitted to impregnate her and the rest will be used until they expire. Things don’t look to bright for men living in western nations.


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