Socialism & Nationalism are Nazism in Disguise

Hitler wanted to strengthen and protect Germany from foreign invaders and that sold to the German people. Then, it all went bad. Nazism started out with well intentions like all forms of tyranny do, and now the same can be seen in America. Trump is tripping over his tongue by communicating common sense solutions to guard the American border, but he articulates it very poorly and now doubles back his original positions to appease bureaucrats and other Washington Swamp dwellers. His communication with the American citizens has gone down the drain thanks to his presence on social media, a big flaw that I have been saying ever since he took office.

He likes Ronald Reagan, but most don’t realize that it was Reagan who demolished the independent farmer paving way for big corporations to monopolize the agricultural industry. He shifted the tax burden from the wealth to the middle class, and also provided ridiculous amounts of funding for military and other “patriotic” groups who caused destruction. Trump is following a similar path by raising the debt ceiling and spending for continued war in the Middle East.

This is what politics does.

A bird cannot fly with one wing, it needs both the left and the right. America has become divided into two – blue states and red states. It’s all part of the plan to further segregate people politically. Civil war is a real possibility because you have one side demanding to protect the country while the other welcomes all from questionable origins. This will create conflict and when that happens, only one will emerge victorious. If it is indeed the left, America’s identity will become a thing of the past. If the right wins, well, you will have Neo-Nazism. Let me explain

Conservatives and Republicans have been bottling up anger for quite some time. If they dominate, then they will usher in their version of patriotism which will discriminate on many variables, and could turn America into a militarized state in the name of “security”, and of course, “nationalism”. If this happens, freedom will be lost. The economy is not getting better, only for specific industries, but conservatives will tell you that it is, and will scold you for saying otherwise. Since many are religious, it won’t be surprising if they decide to take “God’s Will” into their own hands and unleash their fury upon the masses. The problem with this crowd is that they’re living in the past. They cling onto it so dearly that they condemn the younger generation for silly reasons, either out of jealousy or just plain old age grumpiness. It’s not all of them, but this side of the political spectrum only knows the old school hard knocks style which could spell violence to enforce their ways.

The Democrats, however will issue in a different kind of rule – Tech-Nazism. This means, it will be AI making decisions for you with robots running everything which will be happily accepted especially by millennials since they depend on technology anyway. Baby boomers however, will not, and neither will traditional old fashion folks which will again create a problem. Personally, I don’t have a problem with technology and believe it can liberate people if used wisely, and I don’t even mind having a machine government, however there’s one big problem with Tech-Nazism – the machines will be controlled by the left, specifically the Silicon Men of Silicon Valley.

In other words, they will be the ones deciding what is and isn’t acceptable, and will embed their commands into the robot’s software, thus creating TechNazism, a collaboration between corrupt billion dollar multi-national corporations and communist parties (China). Their combined efforts will be to rule the world. Machines will be used to control people, to censor them, and keep them in line. You’re already seeing it in America with CCTV cameras at every traffic light, and weasel lawyers ready to pounce on any false rape charge to bring in millions of dollars.

Nazism is Coming Either Way

Despite whoever wins, you will get similar results. If it’s the right, you will be forced to worship police, military, and other “patriots”. If it’s left, God will be replaced with technology controlled by beetle-eyed tech geeks who hide behind computers locked up in gated mansions.

There has to be middle ground, there has to be a point where both can meet and agree on common values.

Humans beings have arrived at a fork on the road in terms of their evolution. On one side, they can continue to operate like they always have been and suffer the same problems. Or, they can choose to do away with the outdated obsolete method of managing things, and issue in a new system that is a quantum jump ahead of any other political structure. One that aims to enhance the life of people instead of protecting an establishment that is so broken, so corrupt, so false, that anyone who pledges to protect, is either in on the scheme or just a dame fool.

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