People Today have already Made up their Minds about What They Believe in, and if You Think Otherwise, You’re The Enemy

Science, fact, statistics, and all logic have been thrown out the window a long time ago. Now, there’s only one rule of law – “I”.

“I” know everything, “I” see everything, “I” hold the secret information that will save the world. If only others will see what “I” see, they will be saved. The world continues to destroy itself, human beings continue to indulge themselves, but “I” am better. “I” know what is best for them, “I” know what is right for them, “I” see it all.

In other words, “I” know everything…”I” am god.

If you can’t see this, then YOU are the one is who crazy, YOU are the one who is mislead, YOU are the one who needs me to save you from your own stupidity, for it is “I” who “knows” without a shadow of a doubt, that “I” am right, and that YOU are wrong. “I” know this because “I” read the books, watched the secret documentaries of truth, listened to alternative sources of information, and have the letters of academia next to my name. It is “I” who is chosen, “I” am the rightful ruler, “I” am the rightful heir to the thrown of royalty for “I” have been chosen by God himself to do his work and bring you to salvation.

You don’t know because you are too stupid to know for you worship false idols, and don’t attend church every Sunday. Or, you are an infidel, or you are an atheist, or you believe in god, or you think or do a thousand other variables that “I” will use to pin you to a category, enabling me to psychologically trick myself into thinking that “I” am here to lead, and to declare myself as king for it is the male that is been suppressed. 

Or, “I” will become queen of the world for it is the female who has been suppressed. 

The faster you realize that “I” am right, and that YOU are wrong, the sooner you will be relieved of your confusion. Only when the world sees it my way, only when it changes to my liking, only when it becomes my utopia, will it be saved. Why don’t people see this? There’s only one way to ensure our survival – “I” must take over the world for it is “I” who knows best.

The “I” Culture

This is the problem with the world today. Everybody thinks they know it all, and anybody who doesn’t side with them is mentally ill in their eyes. That is very dangerous, but this is what the electing of Donald Trump has done to the world. It has further divided the entire human race into just two kinds – those for Trump and those against him. And now it has become modified to “I” am right, and it’s either people are with me, or they are against me and deserve to die. That is the mentality you have on earth.

With this idiotic perspective, which can be seen in everyday people as well as famous actors, politicians, monks, gurus, and saints, the world is heading down a dark road. Eventually, it will reach a fork – one way will make “I” happy, but the other is surrender. Well, that will create war between 7 billion “I”‘s all trying to prove that they are right, and everyone else is wrong.

Why did I have to be born during this time? 


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