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Episode List

Straightforward Voice Episode 50 – Old Lady Pizza Delivery

Straightforward Voice Episode 49 – Black Vegan Goes to Female Friend’s House Every Weekend to do the Dishes

Straightforward Voice Episode 48 – If you’re not Financially Free, You SHOULD NOT Have Kids

Straightforward Voice Episode 47 – Religious Movies are Cheesy

Straightforward Voice Episode 46 – Kids, Your Parents Don’t Know What They’re Talking About

Straightforward Voice Episode 45 – Cops have it Rough Part 2

Straightforward Voice Episode 44 – Cops have it Rough Part 1

Straightforward Voice Episode 43 – Bureaucrats Control the Police

Straightforward Voice Episode 42 – I Met Jesus in my Dreams, here’s What He Told Me

Straightforward Voice Episode 41 – Harvard Astronomer Claims Aliens are Hovering over us

Straightforward Voice Episode 40 – Enough with the Dogs Already!

Straightforward Voice Episode 39 – Stupidity has Reached a New Level in America


Straightforward Voice Episode 38 – People Don’t Respect Others’ Privacy Anymore

Episode 36 – Conspiracy Theorists Over Estimate AI & Why Bitcoin will become Worthless

Episode 35 – Silicon Valley is Trying to Win You Over to Their Side

Episode 34 – People Destroy Themselves Because their Lives are Miserable

Episode 33 – Don’t Drink, Smoke, or do Drugs


Episode 32 – The Island Reveals what is Likely to Occur in 2019

Episode 31 – Depression is an Epidemic in America

Episode 30 – Christmas is a Corporate Holiday

Episode 29 – Jingle All the Way

Episode 28 – College is the Biggest Scam Going on Right Now

Episode 27 – The Whole “Alpha Male” Thing is Stupid and Let Me Tell You Why

Episode 26 – Black Friday & Christmas are Scams

Episode 25 – Thousands of Migrants Go Trick or Treating to America

Episode 24- It’s Time to be Thankful

Episode 23 – Sex Bots are Here to Stay

Episode 22 – The Real Reason America was and is the Greatest Country in the World

Episode 21 – The Economy is NOT IMPROVING

Episode 20 – Nobody Trusts the Government Anymore

Episode 19 – Our Lives Revolve Around Technology

Episode 18 – America is Becoming More like a Third World

Episode 17 – Life is all about Luck

Episode 16 – Rich People are Full of it

Episode 15 – Are you Depressed? You Should Be

You’re not the only one feeling the blues…

Episode 14 – Women are using Rape to Destroy Successful Men

Women are using rape as a weapon to destroy the careers of successful men. Kavanaugh’s character is being assassinated by another crazy woman who is most likely jealous and bitter…

Episode 13 – The Economic System is Rigged & Why All Self Help Books are Scams

If you’re like most Americans, you’re already working hard every day either at school or work or both, and yet society tells you it’s not enough that you must work …

Episode 12 – Social Media Censorship

Brietbart leaked a video of an inside video at Google and this makes it clear that these guys are not only nerds who are completely out of touch with reality, …

Episode 11 – Consumerism is the Culture of America

The young generation in America has become so spoiled that they think they are entitled to royal treatment despite doing nothing to achieve it. People think that they are rulers …

Episode 10 – Roosh V, Infowars, Cody Wilson, and others are Being Censored

The Silicon Men of Silicone Valley are now censoring individual authors like Roosh V, Cody Wilson, and others who disturb the corrupt establishment. It is now clear that this is …

Episode 9 – Are Aliens Among Us?

Many people speculate whether intelligent extraterrestrial life exists on earth with conspiracy theorists saying that they have bred with humans and using them to rule the world…

Episode 8 – Mollie Tibbetts was Raped & Murdered by an Illegal Immigrant

The death of Mollie Tibbetts is another example of why America must close its borders. When are people going to finally realize that illegal immigration is killing this country?

Episode 7 – Why is Life so Difficult on Earth?

Many of you go through life wondering what is the meaning behind it all. The mechanical lifestyle, the struggles, the suffering, is there any purpose to it? Some of you may feel like you have no purpose…

Episode 6 – Trump’s Presidency has Taken a Turn for the Worst

The opposition continues to grow and Trump’s defenses continue to diminish. Rallying and giving speeches isn’t going to solve anything while the enemy grows stronger…

Episode 5 – Was the Banning of Infowars a Clever Marketing Ploy?

Word on the street is Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms teamed up and removed Infowars. However, something doesn’t smell right and it seems artificial…

G.S. Luthra Reveals How to Build Muscle Mass Without A Gym on The Old Man Orange Podcast

Spencer Scott Holmes talks with author G.S. Luthra about his streamlined and dialed in calisthenics fitness book, Muscle Mass Without A Gym. We go down the rabbit hole of workouts, fitness lifestyles, exercises based of your Dosha, diets and strength…

Episode 4 – The Black Community has no Good Role Models

The ‘dumbest man in television’, Don Lemons, interviews the dumbest man in sports, LeBron James. These people are not good role models for the black youth. They are encouraging them to commit violence and aspire to become a rappers, drug dealers, and weak fathers…

Episode 3 – Why Does Everyone Have Tattoos?

Everywhere you go, you see people having tattoos, body piercing, ripped jeans, and dyed hair. It’s become like a fashion trend with more millennials scarring their bodies with graffiti thinking that it’s hip and stylish…

Episode 2 -Illegal Immigration is Being ALLOWED to Happen to Destroy America

Illegal immigration is destroying America, and it’s being ALLOWED to happen by the corrupt bureaucrats and corporate giants for profit and control…

Episode 1 -Donald Trump is Making ISRAEL Great Again, not America

Welcome to the premiere of Straightforward Voice! Today we discuss the invasion of AI (Artificial Intelligence) that is designed to control free speech on the internet, and the lie about the economy improving being sold to you by the fake Trump-owned ‘CON’-servative media…

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