Should Prostitution be Legalized?

Paying for sex has been around for centuries, and while the debate on its legalization continues, we can agree that whether you make it legal or not, it will persist. The demand for it is there and despite attempts to stop it, in Germany the business is booming. With price like 53 Euro, it makes the sober man question whether to or not to ditch his whiny bratty abusive girlfriend or wife, and get what he wants without any complaints.

Prostitution (it goes by different names) has become the norm these days in America with girls working the system to lure in suckers to pay for their expenses, so at this point you might as well make it legal because virtually every girl is selling herself in one way or another. I’m not happy about it, but denying reality will only make matters worse. No matter where you go, you are essentially dealing with the same kind of transaction. Of course, the level of degeneracy varies, but with more countries embracing degeneracy, it’s very hard to find a woman of wife material.

We’ve already seen what legalizing prostitution does to society, just take a look at Amsterdam, Los Vegas, and Nevada, or even Atlantic City for that matter. And, even though technically illegal in other states, countless women are still doing it under different names and a lot of money is being exchanged, New York is a perfect example.

People think it’s only for losers and while you do see examples that match that description, there are also plenty of professionals who are the opposite and do it to save time, convenience, and yes even to save money since taking time away from their business or job to pursue women costs them much more. Society needs to grow up, what people do in their personal lives is their own business.

Is Prostitution Okay?

My problem with prostitution is that why is it always the man that must pay for the woman? I don’t like that men always must pay for every dame thing involving women, especially when most are earning more and graduating college. Dishing out your hard earned money for sex is cumbersome. Even if it’s 50 euros, most men will want sex a couple times a week, so it becomes an annoyance of an expense. Will that perspective change, who knows, but others have made the point that the man is always paying in one way or another.

Business men who work very hard to earn top dollar simply don’t have time for dating that goes nowhere, learning body language, or memorizing some phrases or routines to trick a woman into sex, they just want a no BS interaction. Now the soy boy and CON-servative opposition will say this is bad for the kids and is an insult to women, and while some points make sense from a traditionalist’s point of view, today, a simple solution works – don’t go to those areas. If you go to hood rat central in AC, it’s partly your fault if you get mugged. If you go to a nightclub and hate loud music, well what can I tell you. If you have a problem with prostitution, then don’t go to those designated areas. It is not like hookers are going to be chasing you on the sidewalk of Lakewood church much like you won’t see a shoe salesman delivering you a pitch in the middle of Yellowstone Park. Prostitutes will only appear if you go to their habitat – whore houses, casinos, etc.

Straightforward guys like me hate mind games, and the reason why should we have to take the time to go out of our way to learn material on how to seduce and please a woman with artificial personas? Some men are devoted to their work, investing their time and money in developing skills which increase their wealth, fitness, mind, and other more productive outlets than chasing women who don’t deserve the attention to begin with. When you have fat ugly women walking around thinking they are hot, and will reject you just to satisfy their ego or status quo, or for some other feminist/MeToo/self-entitled reason, you the man, need not waste your time. The problem is most degenerate women just want the attention and get a sick pleasure out of rejecting men no matter how good they are. This is why even Don Juan would have trouble today.

Learning Game today, is a Big Waste of Time

There is no reason to get rejected by a woman who is pathetic to begin with. No, it is not going to toughen you up, no it will not make you resilient, no it is not going to teach you skills that you’ll learn for life like these pickup artists are telling you to sell their courses, what this is doing is what any sober man will reason – wasting your time.

Still not convinced? An article on Return of Kings was recently published where the writer states,

In 2017 I did over 1,000 approaches and got no successes at all. None

You would have to talk to ten girls everyday for a hundred days to match that.  Who has time to do that these days in this economy? Most have jobs and other priorities, not running around the streets trying to pick up women.

One thing that frustrates a man is wasting his valuable time, especially when it comes to dating and women. In the old days, if a traditional man wanted a wife, his family, friends, and social circle will work together to find a girl whose family shares similar values. There were no gimmicks, or salesmanship, or “game”, just straightforward no BS cooperation from both sides. Everyone knows what they want, and that’s why countries like India, the Middle East, Asia, and some parts of Eastern Europe, still practice courtship. However, as they are now embracing westernization, divorce rates are rising.

Prostitution is a similar scenario except the desired outcome is just for sex. With marriage, financial status, family resources, education, and alike are evaluated, but with prostitution, the goal is just sex so physical beauty is quickly qualified and a monetary exchange agreed upon. What is the problem if it’s between two consenting adults, why should the government be involved? The government just wants to profit from arrests that’s all, it’s all about the money just like with everything else.

Pro-prostitution advocates say it will reduce rape and protect girls. Some studies say legalizing prostitution isn’t working to stop sexual violence while others say it does reduce sex crimes and that it protects prostitutes. A lot of money however, is being made as privately owned brothel houses sex workers where customers can come in and pay, and some reports say total yearly transactions can be 100 million.

Should it Be Legalized?

I personally never cared much, except for some traditional conflicting morals, but at this point after realizing that virtually ALL women are selling themselves in one way or another, I don’t care at all. If people want it legal, fine, let them have it. Is it good for society? I doubt it, but at this point, it doesn’t it matter. Nothing is going to change it, people want it and the supply and demand will only continue. If Eastern European women are flocking over like birds to Germany to become prostitutes, then this is not going to stop. Even if money is abundant, I don’t think it’s good for a man’s spiritual and emotional health to pay, but then again what does that mean these days and who even cares? I’ve never done it, but I don’t condemn it. Maybe it’s just what the world needs so the feminists, sugar babies, career-oriented witches, and spoiled college brats will lose their power in society. Let the world evolve, stop playing Big Brother and Big Sister. This will fix all these egomaniac women with academic degrees, high salaries, and bank accounts who think they are the greatest as it will put everybody in their place.

Pornography has been legal for a while now and has made billions, but what is the difference between it and prostitution? Nothing really, except for the presence of a camera. A monetary exchange is done between two consenting adults, yet for some reason, because it’s on camera that somehow makes it okay. Why? If people want to do it let them, stop playing babysitter. Live and let live, enough of trying to dictate each and every aspect of people’s lives. And since women want men to pay yet don’t want to be labeled as such, why not abolish the negative association of prostitution by denouncing it as a crime.

Religious nuts fear that it will turn the world into an orgy, but no, just because something is legal doesn’t mean everyone will do it. For example, alcohol and smoking are legal, but many don’t touch it for health reasons or simply because they just don’t like it. Same goes for porn, some do it, some don’t, even though it’s available. Legalizing prostitution, marijuana, and even hard drugs won’t make those who aren’t interested all of a sudden become addicts. Those who want it will do it, even if it’s illegal.

Having a baby out of wedlock isn’t illegal, neither is refusing to get married, but that doesn’t change anything. People’s minds are already made up, so let them choose their destiny. If people want to pay for sex, fine, let them, get the government out of it. As far as I’m concerned, men are already paying for prostitutes anyway, they just go by different names.

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