Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Work

Social media is what I’ve always said all along – a platform for people to showcase their own stupidity. The proof is me going against my better judgement and engaging on social media. If you listened to episode 1, you know that I didn’t have a website or sold anything or email sign up lists. Later, I decided to try it, that many of you might be looking for a signup list or want to engage on Facebook, etc.

So, I created it, and look what it got me – spam commentators, internet trolls, and attacks. Now I’ve seen this before on another blog site I had and find them entertaining, but at this point, why bother dealing with it at all? It’s a waste, a distraction from what is really deserving of my attention.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to drop out from social media altogether. I’ve done enough research and have more than sufficient hands on experience to say that it does not do anything for your business. It used to be okay, but now it’s just a dark abyss. It’s killing us and I don’t want to participate anymore. Yes, I could be missing out on getting more traffic, yes I know we live in a digitally addicted world, but guess what? ….I don’t care!

That’s right, I refuse to continue engaging in this cesspit of stupidity. To deal with countless people whom I’ve never met nor even care for. They may be real, but likely are looking for attention that’s why millions of girls show off their bodies for thirsty guys. I’m sick of it, I’m sick of it all. I don’t want to have anything to do with it any longer!

No, it does not increase your business, no it does not increase sales, and no it will not make you more “likable” or “successful”.

Social Media Hurts Your Business

As an artist, what I wanted is people to see my material as it is without being tainted with the stupid opinions of others. And so, no more, it’s over. No more comments, no more shares, no more “likes”, no more. I’m done trying to earn “social credibility”, I’m done trying to get approval, I’m done trying to get reviews, I’ am done trying to impress. I do not need to prove anything to anybody.

Straightforward Voice was created as at outlet to vent out my thoughts and ideas which have been bottled up inside for too long. It is a platform to express my ideas, that’s all. I don’t care anymore where it goes, I just want to get these feelings out of my body. My mind is tried of the same merry-go-round garbage projected daily on the news, and fake paid hosts spitting the same crap.

I will do whatever the hell I want, and not give a rat’s behind about what others think or say, and to solidify that, I’m leaving social media. I never liked and I’m not going to put up with it.

Social media never worked well for me because:

  • I’m a loner
  • I’m a private guy who does want to upload his entire life and share it with strangers
  • I hate people, or rather would prefer associating with hand selected few
  • It’s depressing
  • I don’t want to engage with millions of random people I don’t even know

Why Social Media Doesn’t Work

The second you create a presence on social media is the second you torch your own business because:

  • It’s shooting yourself in the foot
  • You are subject to attack by trolls, where you are not even given a chance to succeed
  • You fail before you even start because you have no credibility
  • You are subject to the opinions of others before even beginning
  • Massive competition
  • It makes you vulnerable as you are dependent on the approval of others, making you bend over backwards for stupid people who don’t deserve it in the first place
  • It is rigged to make you fail by shadow banning and censorship

The act of it itself, is very beta. Seeking the engagement of others whether it’s getting “likes”, credibility, popularity, comments, or alike, will eventually suck the masculinity right out of you. All of the entrepreneurs you saw on Shark Tank who claimed it helped them is very misleading. What these people do is they dish out ads on Facebook, because they have the money to do so. That’s it, they are not personally engaging with anybody there. So get out now, and keep your dignity intact.

Do the right thing and drop out. At this point, there isn’t any reason to be on social media. Friends’ contacts should be in your phone or email list, or even phone book if you know what that is, not dependent on social media. With more pressure being put on them, social media is not likely to stick around for long anyway, or at least, it’s going to go through a makeover.

So, those businesses who are dependent on social media, are in for a surprise.

I for one, am happy to get out of the dungeon. Straightforward Voice, is now social media free. It is now delivered in the raw without any comments. Enjoy it in its pure form. Too bad for internet trolls, they’ll have to find another website to spam.

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