Socialists in the American Government Brought Migrants in to Destroy the Country

Socialists, primarily operating in California and other socialist controlled states like New York and Hawaii,  are blocking and rejecting every sane legislation that the president issues to protect the country. They want an open free society where anybody from anywhere can walk in, because it will get them enough votes to take over the country. The president recently gave a speech at a campaign rally in Texas while thousands of undocumented individuals were heading to the country in caravans. Where did get the financing for this, who is sponsoring them, and why isn’t the military being placed at the border to stop them instead of fighting fruitless wars overseas that are going nowhere? It is all because of socialists who are hell bent on stopping Trump at all costs. They have sold the country out and want millions of unidentified aliens for cheap labor and free votes. They have already done it by bringing in millions of Muslims who had no papers, and it’s increased domestic terrorism. This is perverting the western perspective of Muslims to suit an agenda of conquest.

The terrorists that were often portrayed on media were a small group of extremists who somehow got the resources to become a global threat, but how exactly did they obtained the weapons, resources, and financing to develop into a global threat? American media kept blaming them for all the bombings in the world, but what they didn’t tell you about the Muslim world were the following:

They didn’t have a military – to think that Somali pirates running around in flip flops wielding 20th century weapons were a threat to America was an insult the intelligence of a child. How were they able to hijack US navy ships? How is it that Islamic terrorists were able to infiltrate America, a high surveillance country, without having any documentation? You would think they would be caught by security, but somehow, they managed to hijack a plane and fly it into a building. They’ve also managed to continually enter in illegally and plant bombs, murder, and rape without being detected by law enforcement. Either they looked the other way, or America has a very poor police force. OR corrupt socialists prevented them from doing their job.

They did not have an air force – this means they couldn’t launch an air strike or PHYSICALLY COME TO AMERICA UNLESS ALLOWED BY BORDER SECURITY. All that needed to be done was to simply protect the border. Instead of sending troops to die in the desert, they should have just put them at the border.

Not all Muslims are fanatical – the media showed a false depiction that all Muslims are running around with bombs strapped waiting to blow someone up. If that were the case then why did America, Germany, France, and other western nations, bring in millions of unskilled migrants? It was done purposely to the weaken them. It was also being used to make people angry and turn their hatred against Muslims which the shadow government is using to justify prolonging war in the Middle East. Another example of problem-reaction-solution.

Even today, the Muslim world still fights each other over disagreements in religion, yet somehow the media conditioned you to think that they alone had the resources to plot sophisticated schemes to attack America. The US proclaims to be the hero who only seeks justice and freedom for all even though 15 billion dollars was spent per week during Bush’s rule for the Iraq War which was based on a lie, and Obama took the torch by invading Afghanistan and destroying relations which other nations like Russia. Trump is now making Israel great again by providing them with military assistance – that is not in the best interest of America. If you say these things, you are dubbed a conspiracy theorist and a bad citizen. That’s why people are so tamed like zoo animals. That’s why their minds are so limited. That’s why their scope of vision is so narrow, because they’re too scared to venture out from the confines of their programming.

So you see, all of the security issues and most of the economic problems could have been prevented and solved if the government did this one thing –

Guard the Border!

Trump is now being declared a hero, possibly the greatest president of all time, but the Arab world continues to grow while America continues to exhaust its resources and economy. Soldiers are tired of fighting, tired of picking up their friends’ dead bodies, and tired of being used to do the bidding of power-hungry bureaucrats. Get them out of the war zone, and concentrate military force on border security, and arrest the people responsible for creating this predicament – the American socialists.

Building a space force is not going to solve anything, it’s just going to give the government more power globally and have the ability to watch everything. The human race is not evolved yet for space travel, so this new military division will only be about control and intergalactic conquest. The government knows people don’t trust them anymore which is why they’re bombarding you with engineered events broadcasted in the form of “news”.  The world is transforming into a complacent beehive where everyone is assigned their proper place. If you say anything, you are deemed defective, and removed so the masses can continue serving the queen. Donald Trump is not making America great again, he’s making corporate democracy great again. And as the great poet, Edgar Allan Poe once said, “Democracy is a very admirable form of government—for dogs.”

It’s about time people wake up and stop identifying themselves as either red or blue, left or right, or any of the other false labels of society. Trump said to end the false promise of globalism, but its presence still remains.

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