Donald Trump vs The Globalists

My comments on political affairs. If you like a straightforward, no holds bar voice, read this book. It ain’t politically correct, that’s for sure! Paperback & hardcover available where ever books are sold.

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$15.00 paperback, available in bookstores



Students are being pushed into college and being drenched in debt for useless degrees with low job prospects, but there are alternatives, continue to Learn More. Also available on Amazon kindle.

Frappucino price – $2.50 (normally $6.99)  instant digital download + BONUS eBook & audio files. $12.95 paperback (coming soon)


The RU Screw

A personal account of my time at Rutgers and why you should avoid schools like this at all costs. Get yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy this quick & fun read.

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Straightforward Spirituality (Working on it)

Over the years, I’ve come across many different philosophies, religion, and ideologies. I asked the very same questions you did or are currently struggling through now, and I’ve come to a conclusion – it’s all BS (bad science). You see, human beings are very good at rationalizing their misery and so developed elaborate explanations to justify their predicament. This book breaks through all that BS and provides you with answers in a witty comical way so you don’t go wondering throughout life confused and thinking there’s something wrong with you.

P.S. To make sure I address all of your questions, feel free to ask me anything you want so I address it in the book, thanks.


Working Title (Political Looney Tunes or Cartoon Politicians)

Political affairs resemble that of Looney Tunes and so this book displays them as such in this fun comic book which reveals the corruption while keeping a light vibe. Enjoy the artwork of G.S. Luthra in this cartoon political work guaranteed to make you laugh! Send your ideas or what/whom you’d like to see in the book!



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