Straightforward Voice Episode 14 – Women are using Rape to Destroy Successful Men

Women are using rape as a weapon to destroy the careers of successful men. Kavanaugh’s character is being assassinated by another crazy woman who is most likely jealous and bitter. It doesn’t matter how many letters they have next to their name, these women who claim rape are nothing but insecure bimbos who are just looking for a cheap way to play victim and get attention while collecting boat loads of cash without having to work for it.

What kind of country are we living in that permits cases like Kavanaugh to be held in court? This should not have even be considered as it’s an event that occurred too long ago. What most don’t realize is that with modern living, it is very difficult for a woman to be raped these days, unless she wants to be via partying at clubs, getting stupid drunk at bars, dressing like prostitutes, and being flirty.

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