Straightforward Voice Episode 40 – Enough with the Dogs Already!

Are you sick and tired of seeing all these dog commercials? Dog food, dog spas, dog retreats, dog donations. Please help this poor dog trapped in this cage even though we have guys strong enough to break it open recording it. A $15 donations would be wonderful even though we paid millions for TV air time and video equipment, we really need your financial support!

Enough of it already!

Dogs are becoming more equivalent to human beings, and that is dangerous. Just like how social justice warriors, vegans, and other nuts demand justice for “murdered” animals, gays, transgender, bi-gender, whatever gender, and all this other crap, don’t be surprised to see a new group of dog’s rights extremist groups who will preach that we must treat dogs as equals.

This insanity must stop before it gets out of hand, it can be stopped now by putting an end to the dog circus charade.  The pet food industry is a billion dollar business, and dogs are costing Americans a lot of money. Dogs are getting their nails done while homeless Americans sleep in empty shopping carts. Women push their little mutts in baby carriage instead of having babies of their own. Does anyone see anything wrong with this, or am I the only sane person left in an insane world?

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