The Corrupt Economy has Stripped People of their Dreams

Hoping for a better life, billions of people struggle every day working hard at rut jobs in order to pay bills and make ends meet. Many sacrifice pleasure in order to achieve their goals, yet still countless lives leave this earth with their dreams and ambitions unfulfilled. Many turn to religion, self-help, and motivation seminars to cope with their misery, but it doesn’t deliver the promised results so they visit psychologists who convince them that there something is wrong with them. Nobody tells them the truth – the economy is rigged and its stolen people’s dreams.

The human race has been scammed by swindlers who created the 9-5 assembly line lifestyle which was just a settlement between industrialists and of course the government. Slavery never ended, it’s just been given a different name – employment.

Begging corporate superiors for that dreaded J-O-B (Just-Obey-Bitch) is a built in mechanism designed to pacify the masses, keeping them preoccupied so their rulers can slip in their laws underneath their noses. USA Inc. was bought and sold a long time ago and its citizens are nothing more than human resources, that’s why corporations have a separate department bearing the same title. Jobs kill drive, they motivate people to do just enough so they can run home and escape their miserable lives with mind-numbing TV, phones, and entertainment culture.

Lost souls swarm the internet attacking each other and yapping about nonsense day in and day out. They gratify themselves indulging in masturbation of the mind, body, and spirit until death remedies their misery. The system makes full use of people’s prime years not giving them hope to do better. If somehow, they dare to make it big, it only occurs only under the watchful eye of Big Brother who ensures that their enterprise fits the system. In other words, people are only successful when it doesn’t affect or fits the agenda. That’s why you see so many corporations, actors, and athletes who are sellouts promoting the agenda. What is the agenda, you ask? It’s the complete domination of what you think and do.

There’s no escape from it, it’s here, and it’s sucking our souls dry. Some try to beat it but the hounds of justice have the latest in spyware to track and silence them. Human beings are being used by multinational corporations to do their bidding. They toil away their good years making fat cats richer. People are so warped that some even convince themselves to enjoy their slavery, rationing that it empowers them with financial freedom. Corporations pay them pebbles yet rake in billions, yet expect them to work like donkeys. Managers like to retort that they pay higher than minimum wage, so employees are expected to work hard but the reality is the minimum wage is an insult to human beings and so paying people a couple bucks more than an already ridiculously low wage is not going to solve anything.

The facts remain: more people are lonelier than ever before, the average lifespan has lowered, and depression rates are epidemic.

Many simply don’t lift a finger unless they’re paid to. In fact, people have been conditioned to refrain from doing anything unless it yields a monetary reward. Showing 1 or 2 examples on TV of a generous gesture proves nothing and is used by the government controlled media to trick you into believing in the system, that it’s you who needs to get with the program. There’s nothing wrong with the corrupt economy, you’re the one who has the problem. That’s why people are so messed up, because they’re completely confused and don’t know what to do.

People once had childhood hobbies and interest but never pursued them due to discouragement in favor of jobs that supposedly pay more according to reports. When they eventually do have leisure time later on, most don’t even attempt to retake their once meaningful passion because the confidence is not there, their dreams were never nourished. So you have a world of real zombies, ghouls with no zest for life. Many fear the AI take over, but the way I see it, it’s already happened. People don’t converse anymore, and their lives revolve around digital devices.

I too had many big ideas and ambitions, but after years of fruitless labor and sacrifice while receiving no support from the system, I’m tired and worn out but I still continue. Silicon Valley has resources they can easily tap into with access to hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding at their disposal. So I too at times lose motivation. I feel that if I do doodle and create art, my passion, I’m somehow wasting time because according to the system, I should be practicing calculus for school, or seeking a “real job” to make money. Everything revolves around money to the point that whatever you do is deemed useless unless it brings in profit. Having no money also limits your dreams so most just throw in the towel.

Well I say to hell with the system, I’m going to do what I want. I will draw during class, say no to 9-5 corporate slavery and live how I want because it’s better to pursue something worthwhile than to live a life in stale conformity.

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