The High Cost of Attending College Full Time

Attending college is a marathon of mental and physical exertion these days. You are bombarded with more work than necessary as admin think that massed produced education is better than smaller personalized classes. Schools are too cheap to hire more qualified American professors who have a proven record of stellar teaching, so instead they outsource to third world nations, bringing in cheap professors who solely run entire departments teaching hundreds if not thousands of students at a time. Due to this, students are suffering.

Smaller schools are better options but even there you are subjected to the socialist views of progressive professors and must swallow a lot of crap.¬†In school, I was forced to sit in a room with young girls wearing very little. It’s hard for any normal man with a healthy sex drive to pay attention to boring multi-hour lectures about nonsense when in the presence of many fertile women. Professors hammered the lies that climate change is unanimously believed by all scientists, transgenderism is normal, minorities (Blacks & other minorities) are being suppressed, and that men need to stop raping women. I sat in silence like everyone else as we dare not challenge the professor. I once foolishly made the mistake of doing so which resulted in embarrassment and a lower grade, so I learned the ropes the hard way.

Among the things I noticed was that there were hardly any males in class, even in science classes. The ones that were there however, were unlike any I’ve ever seen. It’s almost as if they were a new breed of male, like an alien. Their faces, their blubber bodies, their clothes, their frail weak physiques, it makes any normal man want to conquer them and take their resources out of principle.

STEM fields are being dominated by pretentious b**ches of the feminist MeToo era. It’s occurring in Australia, New Zealand, England, everywhere. Even in third world nations like India, women are ruling men. In college, women got special treatment from professors in class, and at tutoring centers. Single moms brought their kids in class, male tutors gave girls more attention, and hot girls cruised through class just for being so.

As an Asian American male(Indians fall under that category), I sacrificed much more than most. I had no social life, relationships, or partied. School was my life. I pursued education in hopes for a great career, but feel it didn’t turn out as promised. Struggling to get my degree was stressful, affected my sleep, mental cognition, and trickled down to everything else. The depression had a carry over effect on all other areas in my life, and it sucked. I saw others going through the same, but they succumbed to sex, drugs, alcohol, marijuana, and smoking. I stayed sober, I used to shake my head to hear their pathetic tales of silly boyfriend issues, whining about coursework, and that life was too hard.

I continued to study hard despite my problems without complaining and yet I feel screwed from college. I went through fall that schooling or a couple pieces of paper and left jobless. All that pain, all that struggle, just for a couple letters next to my name? After years of struggling, I’m still frustrated and disappointed with my life with unfulfilled dreams. I feel like I should have enjoyed life more and had more fun instead of sacrificing pleasure for nothing. I did everything that you’re supposed to do in – stay away from substance abuse, do good in school, work part time, major in what is in demand, and stay out of trouble, but here I’ am alone, depressed, and still not able to get one dame job. I went to the school career center, made the adjustments to my resume, applied to hundreds of companies, went to interviews, and yet nothing. Interviewers expected me to be prepared and willing to trade in my life for the benefit of the company, working long hours with a smile, and commit ten to twenty years to the company only to be eaten up and spit out when they have no use for me. This is not the promised life, not the American Dream I was promised. But alas, I no longer believe in fairy tales.

My goal is clear – get rich, and move to greener pastures.

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