‘The Island’ is a Forewarning of What’s yet to Come in 2019

Watching The Island recently again reminded me of how great a movie it was as it accurately depicted the false societal illusions we live in and what is yet to come for the new year. The story takes place in an abandoned military base that is being used as an facility to raise and harvest clones for their organs when their original counterparts require them. Lincoln, a clone, is living in this facility with many others. Upon rising, he is under 24/7 surveillance right when he goes to the bathroom as his urine is analyzed by the built in AI system that states his sodium levels are too high, immediately transmitted the info to his wrist bracelet. When he goes to the café for breakfast, he is forbidden from eating bacon and eggs. Cameras are every watching his every move as the entire facility is monitored.

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Lincoln is controlled from what he wears to what diet consists of, wearing the same white uniform as everyone else. As he interacts with others, he is not allowed to talk to a female friend too much as guards come to warn of their proximity. Emotional outburst from other clones are met with disciplinary action. Feelings are outlawed, you are expected to go to work and then go home. Ask too many questions, and you’ll be seeing the thought police. Misbehavior sets you up for an appointment for a mental examination by the psychologist who will then recommend the appropriate treatment to fix you of your problem. When Lincoln displays unacceptable behavior, he has nanobots inserted into his eye to scan his brain’s synaptic activity

Since infancy, every clone is fed the same lie through a subliminal program designed to program them to think a certain way with fake embedded memories. A code is lasered on their wrists for tracking and monitoring. They are not allowed to date or touch the opposite sex. Everyday they’re constantly told that they’re “special”, and if they’re selected from the lottery, they’ll go to the island, a paradise where they’ll repopulate and be happy.

Lincoln’s curiosity and rebellious nature leads him to discover that the promise of paradise was a lie just like how religion controls billions today with a false promise of heaven if you be a good law abiding citizen living in poverty while crooks lie, cheat, and steal yet live in luxury ruling the world. The clones in the film are treated like children much like how the government and corporations treat people today. If you disrupt the system, they’ll hunt you down and shoot you like an animal. Through the help of a facility worker and a impulsive desire to learn more, Lincoln manages to break into the forbidden quarters where he learns what is really going on. He then goes back to warn his female friend who was next in line to “go to the island”, and together they escape the facility. Later, when Lincoln manages to flee with his female friend to the city, they’re found on one of the street cameras with facial recognition scanners and must run from black helicopters and secret police.

The similarities between the clones’ lives in the film and people’s these days is becoming increasingly identical. We find that the economy is rigged with jobs being outsourced to foreigners and machines while Fox Fake News sings Christmas carols celebrating their hero Donald Trump, repeating the lie that the economy is being saved. As  2019 is right around the corner, it is quickly becoming apparent that the system’s power is growing while personal liberty and freedoms are diminishing. The spying and invasion of privacy must stop. If we are to prevent what happened in the Island from occurring next year, we can’t play along with what the media wants and must stop participating and giving attention to theatrical staged events. 

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