The Silicone Men Of Silicon Valley & Their Trans-humanist Agenda

Regulating communication on the internet is the current scheme being implemented by the multinational tech giants who want to censor freedom of speech while giving preference to certain political views. While they claim they are trying to “end hate speech” and making a level playing field where all ideas can be equally expressed, the fact is AI is acting out of an algorithm of political correctness while favoring a particular agenda. Understanding this madness is troublesome for normal people, but alas, they fail to realize that these people are very sick in the head. The compulsive need to track, monitor, and control everything that people say or do clearly shows that behind these big corporations, are very insecure minds.

Over the course of the years, America has seen the rise of many from the Silicon Valley area, some have fallen like Elizabeth Holmes, the feminist’s prized youngest billionaire who was charged for fraud of her supposed medical breakthrough startup, while others continue today in robotics. Additionally, others have emerged on the other side of the hemisphere who exhibit similar characteristics and although they may seem to be different to the untrained eye, the reality is that they are just the ethnic version of Silicone men. For example, Jack Ma, the online black market emperor said, “globalization should be inclusive”. America still doesn’t trust his company, and too many scandals have been associated with his company Alibaba as counterfeit merchandise continues to be a problem.

These people all have the same globalist technological totalitarian views and are flying around lecturing the world on why people should submit to their self-proclaimed superiority and adopt their trans-humanist utopian views.


What is Trans-humanism?

The problem is that the term can be used loosely. If you go for a run and wear a stop watch that is digital, that is considered a form of trans-humanism. Wearing or using any technological device that supports, assists, or benefits you in any way is labelled under the category, and these Silicone men want to use it as an excuse to push their agenda of creating a Borg race just like in Star Trek. The problem is the liberal professors at universities are brainwashing the youth to accept they way of living and that it is the future that can salvage mankind. If kids dare to debate, a bad letter grade will be quickly issued.

The Artificial Nature of these Tech Billionaires

Like machines, these executives have no emotions, they simply do what is best for the company even if lives are destroyed. The almighty dollar is their god, and they are willing to sell out their own country just to pocket another billion which is why these men have such high levels of political plasticity. Their very being in itself is plastic, as if they were manufactured in a lab themselves.

I already explained their nature in great detail, but the gist of it can be summed up by saying that they survive and thrive on electricity, hence the term The Silicone Men of Silicon Valley. To them, being plugged into some electrical outlet weather it’s a computer, a VR headset, this keeps them at peace as it is their “natural “state. Without it, they can’t survive for long, which is why they created WIFI and seek to make it available everywhere and at high power, so they can feel like surge of electricity wherever they go. They liked to criticize Trump for calling nations sh**holes, but one of their own said the same thing.

List of Silicone Men

  • Jeff Bezos – Amazon has 100,000 robot workers and is even working on developing the first household robot.
  • Elon Musk – he expressed concern over technology taking over, yet is in favor of universal income, worldwide WIFI, and global warming aka climate change. His SpaceX program is paving the way to spy on the world.
  • Mark “Sucker”berg – what more needs to be send about Mr. T-shirt? He has already been exposed for his naked censorship of free speech and invasion of privacy which have caused record numbers of teens to leave Facebook.
  • Bill Gates – a believer in depopulation. He is currently promoting a ‘universal vaccine’ and supposedly got the president fired up about it.
  • Twitter boys – like Facebook, they were caught in snooping in people’s private activity. But of course, it’s all for ending hate speech.
  • Google – the gel haired geek-heads have invested heavily in AI and showed a clip to an audience of a computer generated voice calling a salon where the representative didn’t notice she was talking to a robot. But it’s okay, they promised not to use the technology for weapons. Don’t worry, you can trust them.
  • Ray Kurzweil – Jewish elitist who wrote a book on why singularity is the future where man will bond with machine. He also created the term, “Nootropic”, which basically stole indigenous herbs from their traditional categories in Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, etc., and placed them in these new one. It helps for supplement makers to up the price though.


Man must merge with Technology

Due to their Poison-Ivy-League indoctrination, they are born to rule, and that man is not complete unless he becomes one with technology. This cybernetic domination has been increasing over the years, and pretty soon the economy will be at a fork in the road. Unskilled workers will be out of luck as things are heading towards a corporate owned country and their army of AI as they continue to keep buying up competitors and politicians.

To them, people are like sheep, and they think they are the designated ones to play Shepard and guide them into the factory house to become a cyborg. Automation and technology is great, but having a handful of monopolies dictate their usage is what is concerning. What is dangerous is now they are controlling what is being put on the internet with the recent banning of Roosh V’s Game book and Cody Wilson’s book on how to build the Liberator, a plastic gun that can be 3-D printed.

Infowars has been banned and David Icke previously had some issues. So, it seems that they want to control the masses by regulating what circulates on the internet. It is all part of their plan, they want us all thinking a certain way and what you’re seeing now is just the beginning…

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