Thoughts on an Interview for One of Jersey’s Top Digital Marketing Agencies

 Standing in front of the mirror, I did my last tie adjustment and headed out. I looked great in this grey suit, I thought. Life had been tough over the past decade as finances never were right. I applied to hundreds of places that got no where and my online entrepreneurial startups went dry. Today, however, I thought was my lucky day to finally start the new year of 2019 with a good paying job doing what I went to school for. Little did I realize what was coming.

On the way, my GPS threw me in the opposite direction. When I eventually got within the vicinity, I had trouble finding the building. I called the manager, and he came out and I realized that this new second company office was actually inside the Well’s Fargo. Following the manager, we went up the elevator. When it opened, I saw a room full of drone like millennials on computers. All that could be heard was mouse clicking, there were no facial expressions, just robotic like work. It felt more like a computer learning classroom. I met the assistant manager, a young blonde girl smiling wearing torn jeans. Not exactly what I was expecting for a manager.

On the way to the interviewing room, a small cut dog ran up to me. I never saw a dog roam free on the work floor. Guess that’s just eh millennial culture, I thought. The interviewing room had comfy couches. Okay, show time, I thought. I talked about my interest in marketing, explaining my artistic and creative work in the past launching CDs, books, etc. I mentioned my copy-writing skills and when asked for my business background, I explained I led e-commerce, operations processing, and managed wellness seminars. Still, the tall thin man with a Moses looking beard asked about my business background. Puzzled, I then went further back in time and talked about experience working at The Sports Authority, being a stellar salesman at Macy’s, and again restated my work in e-commerce. But it seems I didn’t answer the question of why do I want to be in business. So, I politely stated that I had an MBA for a reason, and that probably was a mistake but what can I say, I’m a straightforward guy. Other than that, the interview went well, but I didn’t get the job.

So, I continued college and got my bachelors in biology. That was in the beginning of 2019. Now, it’s summer, and I got into naturopathic medical school. I’m broke, so will have to take on more debt, and still depressed and hurting over a gambling loss. And for what? Because of money. That sticking piece of paper that everyone is so desperate for. To me, human beings have become imprisoned, working at jobs like slaves that they’d rather not just to please their superiors and be a good employee. At least that is what I hear from people and after interviewing at this digital agency, I can 100% concur. Heck, the dog seemed to be the only free happy being there.

A part of me right now just wants to go to the Shaolin temple or some other remote area where I can just live without money and learn martial arts and spiritual development techniques. But what’s the point, there’s an infestation of foreigners visiting these places anyway, and it’s only a matter of time before they corrupt these as well with their selfies and YouTube videos. I just have to wake up and accept that I’m living in Kali Yuga, and that the only way to salvage this pathetic sorry excuse of a life that I’m living is to get away from people and turn my full attention within. Perhaps then I will find what I have been searching for my entire life…God, but these days I wonder if such thing really exists or if I’m chasing some illusion as a form of escape.


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