Verizon Proudly Shows off it’s New 5G Device

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Warnings about 5G and its effects have been described by David Icke and others, but now Verizon has taken the initiative to bring forth the first 5G available for consumers. With big promises such as faster download speeds and greater connectivity, it is planned to become the next big thing and become the standard in everyone’s homes. Although no scientific studies have been done verifying whether it is safe for humans, it is being dished out anyway, primarily because 5G falls under the category of “technology”, which is hardly regulated by the government, if at all. This is how biotech and digital wireless tech corporations have been able to get away with releasing hazardous products into the market without having to prove much in terms of long term safety.

Verizon is Promoting it like it’s a Wonderful thing

I saw Verizon’s commercial for 5G, and couldn’t believe what I was seeing as the ad made it appear like its a wonderful thing that’s happening in the world and that you, the consumer, should be thankful that it’s becoming available.

So, I check out their website, and on it, they have statements like –

“5G is here, and it’s going to change everything. From the way you communicate to the way you game.

And it all starts with Verizon 5G Home, the first ever 5G-powered wireless network that can connect all your devices. It’s ultra-fast internet that’s ready for what comes next.”

Join now and enjoy 3 months free.
Then $50/month*, with no annual contracts.


It will be like a “blanket” according to Verizon, where your whole home will be equipped with super fast internet –

“Internet that
blankets your
whole home in
super-fast WiFi.”

You will have your internet, TV, phone service, and all other digital wireless devices served WITHOUT the need for a router. The rumors seem to be true, because this means that this technology can affect you wherever so long as it’s available in your area. It also could “blanket” an entire town, city, or country if it become monopolized by one provider company.

The same sales pitch they keep repeating is that it will connect everyone better and everybody will have access to more information faster. AI developments, such as automated cars and Virtual Reality, will be integrated with 5G. This is the main reason for its push, to enable AI to complete its final take over of labor and manufacturing. They’re making it sound like it’s going to be solving the world’s problems by digitally connecting everyone together. Well, 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G didn’t work, with the world more miserable than ever with people abusing technology by degrading themselves on social media, consuming and transferring junk or meaningless content, and having their privacy stolen from big tech corporations who sell them to third party entities for advertising and other purposes.

According to Verizon, 5G will haveup to 100 times better throughput, 10 times longer battery life and 1,000 times larger data volumes, all while being 10 times more reliable.” Download speed will be much faster. With 4G, it was around 30-60 milliseconds, but with 5G, it could be less than just 1 millisecond. In fact, the speed is so fast that Ronan Dunne, Verizon’s executive vice president, said,

“5G isn’t just another iteration of wireless innovation,” he says. “Just as the next generation of the television industry reinvented content based on the unique properties of the medium itself, the potential of the fifth generation of wireless technology demands that we fundamentally rethink what can be done on a wireless platform.”

This is only the beginning. In 2019, plans of expansion are expected and the goal is to get this technology around the entire planet.

“By 2035, 5G will enable $12.3 trillion of global economic output and support 22 million jobs worldwide. Much of that growth will come from the digitization of transportation, agriculture, manufacturing and other physical industries.” – Ronan Dunne, Executive Vice President and Group President, Verizon Wireless

How to Protect Yourself From 5G

Upgrade to a bigger, stronger, more powerful EMF eliminator device. I wrote about this previously, so check out the resources given. You can wear these devices on your electronic devices (phone, laptop, desktop PC, etc.), and also on yourself as a necklace or bracelet. Spending time in nature helps too, but with everything becoming centered around high tech city living, these devices are becoming increasingly needed since work is being done on computers.

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