What Real Intelligence is and isn’t

Intelligence is how quickly you can grasp information. How fast you learn shows your brain’s ability. However, there are many variables to consider. Intelligence can be altered by nutrition, supplements, exercise, subject interest level, and environment. All these factors come into play, so it is silly to blow someone off as dumb due to their background, poverty, or appearance. Being educated and articulate is something else, but as far as raw intelligence is concerned, it’s not the Ivy League minds that are superior. As a matter of fact, most of them are average, but they relentlessly study hard to get the good grades.

Perfect grades, studying science, and speaking eloquently does not make you intellectually superior necessarily. Let’s look at some of the smartest people who ever lived.

Nikola Tesla – according to his own autobiography, he never excelled in schooling. Being somewhat of a rebel, he did poorly in his original school and had to transfer to a different one as his interests evolved elsewhere. After obtaining his bachelors, he immigrated to America where he worked for Edison. Since he had access to resources and technology, he made many great inventions. In his book, Tesla wrote that he never once made a prototype, but merely got into a meditative trance like state, saw his device assembled, and then physically built it. There was one account where he got stuck while building one of his projects, but rather than run calculations, he simply left, got into the deep almost dream like state again and saw what was wrong in his vision, and then fixed it. His approach goes against every rule in the engineering books and deviates from what college professors teach. Who’s right? Tesla is known as one of the greatest inventors of all time with over two hundred patents. Engineering professors, most of which never invented anything, are academics who never made anything anybody needed nor wanted. They force students to learn CAD software and stress that you must have a plan even though tradesmen in the old days, built houses without blueprints.

Albert Einstein – despite his eight-dimensional drawing, his mathematical contributions, and stimulating theories, his school grades revealed nothing extraordinary about him. As a matter of fact, he failed physics in school and from what I’ve heard, he was regarded as dumb by academia. One account I recall was hearing that Einstein’s teacher shook him in class to make him speak as he was silent in class. Well, what do you expect from a genius forced to sit in school?

Socrates – considered a mad man during his time. His philosophies threatened the establishment, and when any individual inspires others to take control of their lives, the government orders their arrest. In Socrates’s case, he drank poison. And universities claim to encourage intellectual pursuits…ha, ha, very funny.

Mark Twain – there’s one quote I love from him, it goes, “Never let schooling interfere with one’s education.” Brilliantly said. This man was a great writer and associated with Tesla. He saw through the illusion of formalized education and didn’t buy it. The result – he became great.

These people all had bad grades, but their minds functioned differently. So what does that tell you? It shows that the smartest brains don’t do well in school, because such institutions are created by impudent slug-brain humans. They think on a different level, a higher level, and the government/education hierarchy doesn’t like that. They only want “honor” students with good grades, because that shows they’ll do whatever you tell them to do, enough said.

However, consider this, if you took Einstein, Tesla, and Socrates, and raised them on an island, then bring them into the U.S. to test their IQ, guess what? They would fail, miserably, because they’ve never been exposed to it. Idiot professors and academics don’t understand this since their minds are a little slow, but this goes to show you how flawed the formal structured education institution is.

Fact is, the greatest individuals come out of nowhere from humble beginnings and received the highest truths and knowledge or “education” outside of school. Buddha achieved enlightenment in the jungle. I don’t recall Jesus going to any prestigious school or church. As a matter of fact, he toppled church desks where the men were collecting “donations”. He journeyed far and wide alone on foot where no man dared to go and received his higher divinity. Not in a church, but in the wild. Krishna lived in the rural areas as a sheepherder. It is there in the wilderness where he obtained enlightenment.

Socrates, Tesla, Beethoven, and Edgar Allen Poe spent most of their time alone, pondering, meditating, tapping into the higher realms of existence. That is how they did what they did. Charles Atlas shocked the world when he forged his herculean physique, which was built in privacy, not at a gym. Mas Oyama became the greatest karate master after returning from his yearlong solitude in the jungle. Morihei Ueshiba and Miyamoto Musashi both achieved greatness in their respective art from their long travels in solitude. Ueshiba describes it vividly in his book, The Art of Peace.

It is quite coincidence how all these individuals have had similar experiences and how many ancient religious texts speak of embarking on a similar journey to achieve higher development. Think about it, if you want to go beyond society, to achieve something ahead of your time, you won’t find it dwindling in civilization. You have to go outside of that, beyond the barriers. Am I saying drop out of school, no. I’m saying that your real education lies beyond. You don’t have to necessarily go into the jungle, but you need to learn how to be alone, then you meditate and access higher dimensions much like out great predecessors in the past did. It’s ok to enjoy the marvels of modern living, just remember to return to the source to keep your connection to the infinity.

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