5 Things a Man Should do to be Sane in an Insane World

What should a man do these days? If you’re a guy with an awakened mind, the world may seem like a cesspit of darkness with no logic that can make even the smartest man go crazy. It’s becoming more confusing and harder for a man to find his place in life. Most turn to alcohol, drugs, and psychedelic like substances to flush away their pain. However, these are only temporary numbing effects as the real problem continues to worsen. Trying to bury it away is not going to do anything. Instead, here is what I can advise you to do – 

  1. Improve your physical fitness
  2. Learn hobbies, and get good at them
  3. Find a way to make a lot of money from these hobbies or things you like doing because that gives you freedom and happiness
  4. Learn how to fix and do things by yourself so you become less depending on others 
  5. Develop different skills to diversify yourself

Get goals that will give value to your life and society Once you attain financial freedom and have a place of peace and solitude you use your resources to make new developments that will enhance the quality of life for all. In addition to that , you can try to evolve beyond a mere man, and become a demigod. Eternal youth, eternal life, invincibility, and the ability to travel beyond the earth are worthwhile goals, even if you die trying. It’s better than living a life of mediocrity. At least that’s how I see it.

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