What’s a Traditional Guy to do in This Day and Age?

If you were raised as a religious or traditional guy who was encouraged to abstain from sex until marriage, you’ll most likely find yourself in a cold dark place in today’s society. With our daily lives being bombarded by sexual imagery on a regular basis in the form of ads, media, and entertainment, one may frequently question their morals and whether they’re wasting their life by remaining vigilant.

We’re not living in the same world our forefathers did and so the expectations of a suitable wife are nearly non-existent. Unless luck is on your side via the planets, serendipity, or whatever you want to call it, chances are that you will encounter the same type of woman who has been screwed up by the degeneration of society. Pretty much all earth women have been exposed in one way or another whether it’s Serbia, or even the remote islands of Tahiti. With this being said, this presents a bit of a problem for those who come from traditional upbringing seeking a wife to start a family.

So the question remains, what do you do?

The Yin or Yang

Pickup artists and alike say to sleep with many women to find out which kind you like. They present valid arguments such as having the abundance mindset and mastering the skill of handling women, so that the experience will teach you the true nature of women which no book or course can give you. This is valuable in regards to refining you so you don’t become an emotionally attached man who clings on to whatever woman he gets, thus giving her absolute power over you.

However, how many of these players end up happily married, at least by a traditional definition? I’ve met plenty of former players, and yes, they had their share of gorgeous girls, but by the time they turn forty, all of that disappears for most of them due to various reasons – looks, health, other priorities, etc. What surprised me was in that in some cases, the former players became feminized, becoming washed up “pussy whipped” wimps.

I remember visiting my best friend from high school years ago and met his soon to be wife. She was not what I expected. I wouldn’t call him exactly a player, but he used to tell me stories of all the girls he got during college and beyond and I lost count because I got tired of hearing about it, but to see this girl he ended up really surprised me. It was obvious she had him on a leash and made him her slave, but I didn’t want to tell him that. So, they got married and that was the last time I ever saw him.

I think that eventually, a player gets emotionally drained and reaches a state of vulnerability which a woman can sense and cease the opportunity with their charms. Then, the man’s heart is on the palm of her hand and that’s it, finished. I don’t know if his example counts, but I’ve known two men in their forties who were players in their own right yet ended up fat and single. One was actually still living with his mother. And the other younger players I see jumping from one fling/relationship to another, don’t seem to be complete but rather plagued with a lot of issues. So I’m not sold on the PUA (Pick Up Artist) path.

MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way), says to go cold turkey on women altogether and to refrain from dating, marriage, and even restricting interactions with them since they are all gold diggers seeking your hand in marriage so they can screw you out of your trust fund like a pack of rabid wolves. Sensible points are also made from this group.

Well, I’ve always been a loner and found neither party to provide the definite answer as they’re two sides of the same coin. They do provide great insight for naive males, but in the end a man must ultimately make the decision for himself. More traditional guys have awoken to the limitations and dangers of their highly prized ceremony of marriage, making them less eager to tie the knot. Many are left confused, frustrated, and unsure of what to do.

The answer is to better yourself whether it’s your fitness, career, or even wardrobe. Skills can always be gained and harnessed, there’s no need to chase women in order to validate or initiate yourself as a “man”. There are other less tiresome ways such as achieving financial freedom, strength goals, and education, and these last longer. They’re more fruitful too.

Where are the Role Models?

Charles Atlas was dubbed “The most perfectly developed man”, from the most handsome man contest. He was a mass of brawn who ladies adored and had achieved wealth and fame. Even Gandhi wrote to him asking for assistance on building muscle. Despite all that, he refrained from smoking, drinking, or burlesque shows as he said the only thing you get out of that are germs. He married to Margaret Cassano, and while she may have not been the most gorgeous, all of Charles’s friends spoke highly of her being a devoted mother and her cooking.

Being a devout Christian, he chose the woman who would make the best wife for him and mother for his children even though he had plenty of gorgeous babes around him thanks to his physique and superstar status. There’s a saying religious people tell their youth and that is, don’t choose the woman you love the most but rather the one who will make the best wife/mother.

Charles Atlas

Contrast that from today’s tattooed junkie Hollywood stars who shack up with whomever and post pics of it on Instagram. That’s it’s hard especially in today’s world to find living inspiration. Due to this, I say turn to fiction. To stay motivated on the traditional path, watch Superman from the 90’s show.

Lex Luthor from the original cartoon Justice League ironically enough is another example of not giving a dame about women and pursuing higher things which is going to attract them to you anyway.

Hercules from the Legendary Journeys is another where he is tempted by several beautiful women yet rejects them because he did not want to produce any fatherless children.

We all choose whatever path we take for different reasons, but if you’re one of those guys who still seeks the traditional way, you don’t have to give into the pressures of society.

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