Why are Successful Good-looking Young Men Marrying Old Women?

What happened to men, why have the roles have been reversed where now old women are marrying younger guys? If you’re a virgin or you just want to have sex for experience sake, fine, but tying the knot with an old bag is ridiculous! I knew a guy who dated an older woman temporarily for the thrill, even though he knew it was going nowhere. That’s what boys do during their college years in their early twenties, not grown men!

Degenerate western culture has brainwashed women to pursue career and higher education during their prime years and to “live up” the good life – shopping, sleeping around, and the whole party scene. When they get older however, nobody wants them anymore, but in their mind, they think they deserve the best and have unrealistic expectations.

When I first moved to Atlantic City, a 47-year old woman made moves on me. She was fit, but a normal young man would be turned off by the age spots visible on her hands and the obvious effects of aging on her face and body. Yet for some, particularly famous men, not only do they go ahead all the way with older women, they freaking marry them!

Power Hungry Old Women are Taking Advantage of Young Men

More women are gaining power that’s become dangerous and we are seeing how they are tactfully using it to their advantage by praying on gullible young men:

Aaron and Sam Taylor-Johnson

I couldn’t believe it when I read that the guy who played the speedy bad guy Quicksilver in the Avengers: Age of Ultron, married the woman who wrote Fifty Shades of Grey. Learning that Johnson was 51, and Aaron being in his late twenties made the story even more unbelievable. Why would any guy in his position be with a woman old enough to be his mother?

The relationship is reported to have started on set of Nowhere Boy where the then 18 year old Johnson met the 42 year old Taylor. The 24 year age gap didn’t seem to bother him and despite the difficulties, he continued to stay with her. It looks like an example of an older woman in power taking advantage of new actor who needed to make his mark in the industry. It may have been Johnson’s first time with a woman and that first love attachment never left. You would expect to see a man doing this, but now the roles are reversed.

Donny Jr. & Kimberly Guilfoyle

This trend doesn’t just effect actors, it has made its way into politics. It looks like Junior didn’t learn from his father, he chose to ditch his gorgeous wife and pursue a relationship with a Puerto Rican woman who is a decade older than him. Although not officially married, it won’t be surprising if it happens, because she has all to gain and nothing to lose. Junior on the other hand, has lost his mind.

President Trump knew to marry younger every time, but Junior didn’t seem to get it.

There are some things you should know about Kimberly:

  • Modeled for Victoria Secret
  • Was married to Gavin Neusom then filed divorce
  • Married to Eric Villencia and produced a child Ronan Anthony, filed divorce
  • Supposedly had a thing with Anthony Scaramucci

Now she’s with Donny Jr. I think you can figure out the deal here. You could say she’s someone who chases rich and powerful men and has made herself a nice profit through divorce settlements and child support. I’m not saying that, but you could say that. I know a veteran neighbor who’s Puerto Rican wife stayed despite their problems. Word on the street was she married for his money and military benefits despite him looking like Santa Claus. But I won’t say that because well, it’s not a nice thing to say. After all, we want to be politically correct.

Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore

Ashton Kuctcher, the comedy butcher, married Demi Moore who was old enough to be his mom. Thankfully he came to his senses, and got married to a younger Mila Kunis. There’s still hope for him!

Wake Up Guys!

Whenever an older woman gets a younger guy it’s okay, but if reversed, then the man is dubbed a pervert taking advantage of a poor innocent girl. Men have been so brainwashed and feminized that they are allowing themselves to take the wrinkled hand of older woman in marriage.

If you are ever the receiver of such an offer, run for the hills!

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