Why the Internet Should Be Controlled to Some Level

Before you blow this off as Big-Brother conspiracy, consider the following:


  • Pornography has infiltrated the web, and it’s laughably easy for any kid to get complete free access to virtually unlimited content


  • More cyber hate has flooded social media with threats, attacks, and bullying, all of which are destroying the youth today and hurting businesses


  • Corporations are now controlling the internet with rigged searches and favoritism as is the case with Google, who was fined two billion dollars for manipulating searches on their website


  • Online monopolies like Amazon have crushed competition, 50% all new startups fail within the first five years


  • Automation has and still is replacing jobs at a rapid pace and virtually all white-collar work has become digitized


  • Internet induced depression continues to increase due to excessive social media use, work hours, and time spent on the computer


  • Despite the forced digital integration in the education system, American kids are doing worse than their predecessors while other nations are climbing up



  • People seem to think they have the right to attack, threaten, and engage in other primitive degenerative behavior without the fear of being caught as the internet allows cyber guerilla warfare to be executed at the click of a mouse


On an observatory note, it seems the cat was let out of the box way too soon, unleashing the powerful yet potentially destructive force of the internet. Now you may be wondering what should be controlled and who should decide it? Well, Trump is president, so we need some sort of trust in him. As far as what should be limited, let’s start with tighter regulations on pornography. We don’t need kids watching it. Social media excuses content posted by terrorists containing hate and threats, so they need to be held accountable too.

These are two areas that need some level of control that I think everybody can agree on. The internet has blown up way out of proportion where everyone everywhere can upload or access just about anything whether legal or not. Trump should investigate in ways to clean it up.

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