Will Bio-Weapons Create Real Zombies?

Upon reading the China deliberately creating monkey clones and making them mentally ill, it makes me rethink about the conspiracy of zombies eventually manifesting on earth. Perhaps they’re weren’t so crazy after all. If gene editing were to be made into a bio-weapon which could be easily released as a gas bomb in the general population, the disease could spread via inhalation, and that’s it, an epidemic. Another thing that is of interest, is the new report on declassified files reveal that the pentagon were investigating UFOs. Now many wonder if the government has met aliens or have done deals with them. If that’s true, it’s likely they have more advanced technology at their disposal, so what the capabilities are is up to your imagination until more info is gathered.

Resident Evil is the popular video game series that first made the zombie genre popular. Since I don’t play video games anymore, I watched game play footage of the new Remake of Resident Evil 2 online. The zombies in the game were once people but were infected with the T-virus, turning them into blood thirsty zombies. Even after shooting them several times, they would still walk. After shooting bullets to the head, they would fall only to rise again after a while as if they can’t be killed. You would have to decapitate them to prevent them from rising again. Now, I realize it’s a game, but it’s from a Japanese company, and one thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of these Japanese anime and games tend to materialize in the real world as I’ve seen in the past. We already know that gene editing can cause diseases either immediately or later on down the road.

As this technology gets perfected, who is to say that military forces around the world, especially China, wont have the capability to drop bio-bombs that infect entire masses of people with a gene editing strand that causes death or turns them into freak creations just like the variety of monsters you see in the Resident Evil game? It also makes me think about demons mentioned in the bible and other religious texts. Were these “demons” really just freak lab creations that were let loose? Were there some kind of herbal-biotech weapons used in the ancient past to control people that we don’t know about. I don’t want to think about it, but it is a concern that lingers around and pops its ugly face up when I lay eyes on reports of China manipulating genes and the US continues to dig its own grave with domestic problems. Other nations are growing stronger, and if America keeps singing its own song, its overconfidence will be its demise.

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