A Yogi’s View on Women

As my yogi days have come to an end, here are thoughts on women encountered in different countries but mostly in America. Being in a popular diverse area in the USA allows one to meet many different cultures without having to leave home base. During that period, sex was not the immediate goal so this allowed me to observe countless women at different angles, particularly for long-term marriage qualities.


The hype about their looks are overrated, but most are friendly and comfortable to hang around with. Casual conversations are easy with them as most are feminine with pleasant personalities. However, like other Latinas, they can be very possessive, sending you endless texts. I haven’t really seen the flirty stereotype, but then again haven’t been to Brazil and with the state that it’s in, don’t plan on it anytime soon.


The problem today is these girls have unrealistic expectations, the new trend is old bags wanting young hunks, and surprisingly enough, these dopes marry them!

From what I’ve seen, Germany had nice homely girls and attractive flight attendants who were very kind, which is rare these days at airlines. The stereotype you see in movies or the internet isn’t accurate, there are plenty who are tall and shapely with wife qualities. But alas, globalism has infected them with mass migration contaminating the gene pool… what a shame.

When I was looking for my train at a subway in Italy, all of a sudden a tall sharp-looking girl passed by with dark hair that looked like it was combed with extra virgin olive oil. Then another gorgeous one appeared, and then another, and another. You could feel your adrenaline and hormones spike up. I felt like Mario, mamma mia! They were tall and thin with pretty faces, better than Jersey Shore Guidettes. They are feisty though which tends to be problematic.

Russian and Eastern European

Yes, Russian horror stories about marrying and killing their husbands for money exist. The most common claim is that they marry for comfort, but what girl doesn’t these days? Their beauty however is over hyped just like Brazilian. Brainwashing yourself with videos or magazines featuring supermodels is setting yourself up for failure, but they are skinnier though. Most are witty, have a sense of humor, and are straightforward which is such a breath of fresh air compared to American b**ches who constantly play mind games.

Ukrainian girls from what I’ve seen are pretty and keep fit, the odds of them getting fat even in later years are low. Belarus girls are usually are nice to look at too. Serbians are well dressed, have a sort of elegance of a traditional sorts, and are also direct although normally reserved. Best looking ones I’ve seen there were at hotels and airport.

Polish are polite, sharp, and have good figures. They seem to have the perfect height, not too tall, not too short.

Asian Sensation

Filipino may not be the best looking, but they may have one of the best personalities. They’re pleasant, family oriented, and will put a smile on your face. They generally are good-natured, funny, and happy for what I’ve seen.

Koreans are friendly, but it feels like hanging around a kid sometimes. Not that it’s a bad thing, but in certain places it may feel awkward. Still, I’ve found them caring, affectionate, and responsible in terms of work ethic and family. Haven’t seen their husbands complaining whether White or Asian. The one exception was couple in Cali, but that’s what Progressive Liberalism does.

Japanese are polite and seem family oriented, but western degeneracy has made some get buzz cuts, so not sure anymore unless you go in rural areas.


When I first laid eyes at her, I thought she was some Arabian princess until finding out she was from Brazil. She was dressed professionally and was well-mannered. I kissed her several times on the forehead just because of who she was, during the trip and before seeing her off to the airport. And that was it, she was gone. This is odd especially for a reserved traditional guy following a yogi’s path which goes to show you how certain types of women can effect you. When you encounter the right feminine woman, your masculine instinct is automatically brought out.

Having no luck with women may not necessarily be your fault, especially in America. Environment has a strong influence which can either work for you or against you. Simply being around foreign women like that can automatically bring out the natural ladies man lying dormant within while living in a America makes a man feel like he’s walking on eggshells.

So if you can find them spread out around the world, take a shot.

They all Eventually Become Spoiled

Understand however, that when they come to America, everything you just read goes out the window. The ultimate test for any woman regardless of origins, is to bring them into the US and see how they respond. A Ukrainian girl from college expressed an interest several times, and while she had flawless features – beautiful round face, gem like blue eyes, and blemish free peachy tan skin that looked silky smooth, there were too many red flags like giant butterfly tattoos covering her shoulder and upper back, surrounded by many guy friends, attending too many parties, and content on social media that killed the interest.

No matter where they’re from or how great they are, once they embrace American degeneracy much, that’s it. The most recent famous example is Melania Trump who is trying to prove that she can go her own way.

DANGER, American Women Approaching!


Despite many girls who showed an interested in me, I was turned off after a quick view on their social media. From twerking competitions to having champagne poured down their mouths at parties, things went downhill quickly. Most are suffering from emotional issues which makes it difficult for any guy to share anything other than cheap thrills.


Here’s how to live a life of misery – marry a Canadian. They’re tatted up, fat, feminists, and argumentative. Most had terrible relations with their fathers and are walking mental cases.


Snobby and pretentious, stay away. Some can be cruel, arrogant, and cold. Although many can be beautiful, their degenerate culture has screwed them up. Approach with extreme caution.

New Zealand

From the small sample I’ve met, they’re not too bad compared to others, but that doesn’t mean anything. Apparently, these girls get around.

Feminists have brainwashed all of these western women to be “strong” and “confident” and this mentality continues into marriage, destroying the husband and the family. Due to this, if you were born and brought up in America, you’re better off screening for girls within unless you plan to move abroad. Foreign will always seem great until you bring them to America. Then you see their true colors all too late.

If you’re just looking for fun, I’d say the best looking in no particular order are Danish/Scandinavian, Serbian, British, German, Italian, Polish, French, Belarusian, Ukrainian, and South Korean. For Hispanic, Spain is a safe bet, going to Latin America may find you exotic beauties but the safety standards are not worth it. Plus, most don’t live up to the hype.

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