Women’s Sports Should just be for Male Entertainment…Unless

Female athletes shouldn’t be paid equally and definitely not more than men. If anyone disagrees, the simple solution is to dissolve gender division in sports altogether and let women compete with men, that will decide whether or not women are just as good as men. 

Yeah, I said it, and I stand by those words.

Unless women prove themselves worthy, they will never be treated equally. If a female athlete can perform better than a male competitor, great, they will gain my respect but until then, all of these “strong”, “powerful”, “independent” women are nothing more than whiny bitches. When she competes with men on the same playing field, only then will she earn respect. Yelling and yapping about mistreatment will only make more men turn up the volume on their television sets to tune them out. We have already seen professional women soccer players get clobbered by teenage boys which begs the question of why does society pay millions of dollars for unattractive, untalented players who exhibit amateur level skill?

Examine any sport, and you will see that males display much higher levels of talent and skill. A female athlete simply just cannot compete with their male counterparts. In professional tennis, there have been matches where females were put to the test and the result was they got blown off the court. Jimmy Conners beat Martina Navratilova despite having several handicaps which favored her and put Conners at a disadvantage. Of course, there are a few exceptions, Billie Jean King likes to boast about her triumph over Bobby Riggs, but keep in mind she was 29 years old and Riggs was a retired senior citizen, hardly something to brag about. Prior to their match however, Riggs did beat Margaret Court, a 30 year old and was the top player at the time. Some even say that Riggs lost on purpose to King for gambling reasons as there were a lot of bets on the table. The point is the majority of female athletes don’t deserve the ridiculous salary and attention that they are getting, especially when they cannot compete anywhere near the level of men.

Female Athletes are just Eye Candy

Ask any honest guy why he watches female athletes the number one reason is because they’re attractive. Most people just watch women’s sports just to see sexy bodies. Nobody cares about how good they are, because everybody knows that whatever “talent” they exhibit can easily be decimated by male players. Even amateur male athletes or weekend warriors, are able to hold their own against professional female athletes.Take women’s volleyball, nobody watches them to see athletic prowess but rather just to see who has the best looking butt. They are the most overpaid athletes and are admired not for their skill, but for their bodies. Put them against the male division, and watch them get smoked. If you’re a normal male watching a women’s volleyball, the chances are you don’t care about their her origins, life struggles, or heck even her name (unless you want to look up more photos of her). She could have a butt ugly face for all you care. The only thing you are interested in is seeing if she has a sexy figure and watching that bod jump around for your amusement.


Look at this athlete in the above photo. Do you think the male audience really cares about her skill? They are just admiring her form. Any so called skill exhibited on the court is just an extra benefit like a circus performer. It only qualifies them to try out for the next Miss World competition, nothing more. Paying these women obscene amounts of money when amateur male athletes can out compete them is ridiculous. Unless women compete against men on the same professional standards that they have to abide to, women’s sports should just be made for male entertainment with a drastically reduced prize money reward.

Men are Better Athletes, Period

The world record for the hundred meter dash was done by a man, the heaviest poundage ever lifted was done by a man, and the world records for three-point shots, farthest home run, and fastest serve were all done by males. People watch the men when they want to see athleticism. In order for women to have any chance to remotely compete with men in sports, she has to pump iron more so than a guy has to, restrict her diet, and even take artificial enhancements like steroids. In other words, she has to do a lot more than any man would to attain an athletic body. The result of all this deprivation, dieting, hard training creates an ugly disproportionate physique that would make any sensible audience puke. Just look at Serena Williams. No normal man wants a muscle head girlfriend, but the degenerate American culture wants you to think that Serena is the greatest player of all time even though her performance is a joke compared to men. And the proof is clear when Serena claimed that she could beat any player ranked higher than 200 (notice she dared not challenge top players). Karsten Braasch, the then 203 ranked player in the world, accepted her challenged, and he swept both sisters, sipping beer and smoking cigarettes at changeovers during the exhibition match. Braasch wasn’t the fittest athlete either standing 5’11 and around 160lbs. He didn’t take the match serious either, his preparation included a round of golf and a couple of shandies. 

Australian Hannah Mouncey, a man pretending to be a woman, dominated women’s handball with his, I mean “her” 6’2 two hundred twenty pound frame. “Her” female competitors didn’t stand a chance, and in fact, Mouncey embarrassed them so much that “she” got banned for playing too good. If you’re a guy struggling financially, perhaps you should become a woman and try out for professional sports in the women’s division, I’m sure it shouldn’t be too difficult. You won’t have to work out that much, and can slack a lot more often as even the fittest of female athletes won’t be much of a challenge to you. So you see, women’s sports is just a complete waste of resources and guys are getting screwed because the money that they deserve is being given to “top” female athletes when in reality these men would decimate these women in their respective sport. Anyone who states the obvious is attacked as was the case with Martina Navratilova, who said on social media that it was unfair to have men entering women’s sports only to later cater to the transgender mafia.

I understand this is a controversial topic, and it will trigger a lot of outrage, but again I say let us implement the simple solution – dissolve gender divisions in sports, and put an end to this debate once and for all. That is the fairest thing to do for both, or rather all genders – male, female, and everything else. That way, EVERYONE is treated fairly and abide by the same rules and standards. Nobody gets special treatment. This is the fair ultimate solution because it puts both genders on the same level playing field where they will have to prove themselves.

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